25 Ugly Disney Characters

Ugly Disney characters rarely have a happy ending and are no more adorable. Often, ugly Disney characters gain a small advantage, even if not the main villains in Disney films. But ugly Disney characters don’t usually marry Prince Charming. All movies have bad characters. They were fun, loving, heroic, and courageous. It does not necessarily make people look ugly from the inside. Many believe in the beauty that extends beyond skin depth and there are numerous characteristics of Disney characters that can still be considered ugly cartoons on the outside.

The List of Ugly Disney Characters that People didn’t Like-

Disney movies have provided us with invaluable life lessons since Mickey Mouse through Frozen 2, bringing us both joy and grief with their humorous and heartbreaking sequences.


Ursula- The Little Mermaid - Ugliest Disney Princesses/Queen

 Movie: The Little Mermaid

Ursula the Sea Witch is the major antagonist in the animated film. The Little Mermaid was released by Disney in 1989. She is a ruthless Cecaelia (half-woman half-octopus) that tries out mercosurers in order that dreams can become reality. Even Prince Eric shares the same perspective.

The huge octopus-like creature, which resembles a shark, possesses blue skin and dark lipstick and has a terrible smile. Ursula was also not merely ugly. Her actions made her a terrible Disney Villain ready to go anywhere and do whatever it took for the goal.

Quasimodo – The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Quasimodo - Ugly Disney Characters

Movie: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Quasimodo, the character from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”. Quasimodo was born displaying numerous deformities, including a lack of height and posture. Due to his appearance, the friendly bell ringer of Notre Dame was snatched from the cathedral’s highest tower by his cruel guard.

Despite the lack of a solitary life, Quasimodo began to desire to experience the outside world. And have a good life with Parisis. Although some may view the appearance with concern, Quasimodo is nice and friendly, curious and trusting with his personality.

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Yzma: The Emperor's New Groove - Ugly Disney Characters

Movie: The Emperor’s New Groove

Yzma is the main antagonist in the animated movie Emperors New Groove 2000. She is evil, a witch who is formerly an advisor of Emperor Kuzi. She tries several times to do so with help from her former dimwitted assistant Kronk.

Yzma is a malicious tyrant who has a flamboyant personality and is power-hungry. In the early scenes of the movie. However, she appears to have brought on Emperor Kuzco instead of his parents and served for years as a consultant and chemical engineer to the family.

Nevertheless, her character was definitely one of Disney’s most horrible villains. She had huge yellow eyes, lashes with longer eyelashes, and virtually no hair. The blue undertone on her skin made Yzma even less frightening. The woman was horrible in her eyes.

Drizella Tremaine & Anastasia Tremaine

Drizella Tremaine and Anastasia Tremaine- Cinderella

Movie: Cinderella

Drizella Tremaine was an antagonist in the Cinderella animated series by Disney. The girl is Anastasia’s biological older sister the eldest daughter of Tremaine. Snarky and greedy Drizella doesn’t want romance, she wants wealth and power instead.

Anastasia Tremaine is a character appearing as a secondary antagonist in Disney’s 1950 animated feature film Cinderella, later becoming a supporting character in Cinderella- I.

Both stepsisters are the ugliest Disney characters. The teenage girl must stop her unprofessional behavior. These females have big feet and large brows too. Cinderella’s enemies continually bully her even tearing her gown out of jealousy. What makes them so awful are their personalities and dislikes for Cinderella.


Roz - Monsters Inc - Ugliest Disney Characters in Disney Movies

Movie: Monsters Inc

Roz played a supporting character in Disney’s animated film Monster, Inc. in 2001. She is an official leader of the Children’s Deception Agency and has a number one designation.

Roz’s personality is particularly bad for Mike as she keeps asking her for documents she doesn’t file on his behalf. She is a young slug-like body with brownish-brown skin and dark brown eyelashes. Roz has spiky grey hair with large molds around the chin.

Roz watches almost every time because her eyes have closed. She is one of the interesting characters who make your imagination creep but also remember your grandma. Perhaps, she deserves a place on this list.

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts- Alice in Wonderland - Ugly Disney Princesses

Movie: Queen of Hearts- Alice in Wonderland

Throughout the entire film, we learn a lot about The Queen of Hearts. She appears to be a red-faced, larger-framed woman when we get a close look at her.

She resembles an animated Miss Trunchbull, but with a crown instead of a hat


LeFou - Disney Villains - The Beauty And The Beast

Movie: The Beauty And The Beast

We might consider LeFou- the funniest character in Beauty & Beast. Besides having great friendships, he has an amazing loyalty to his friend, Gaston, who will give everything he wants for him. LeFou has been a supportive but stupid friend of Gaston. The man is incredibly loyal to Gaston and will take every possible step to protect him in any way possible.

He has never been taken seriously. Despite being incredibly tall, LeFou has a large red figgy nose and a big gap in between his teeth.

In live-action Beauty & the Beast, LeFou portrayed a new Disney character reimagined in the film. But Josh Gad shared regret over not using this courage in the film.


Scar - The Lion King - Ugly Characters

Movie: The Lion King

Scar- is the antagonist in the Disney animation movie, The Lion King. The brother of Mufasa the second-born prince of the Pride Lands, Scar is the next one on the throne as King. But his chances were ruined when his nephew- Simba was born. Lions King was a high-end film made by Walt Disney Pictures.

Scar’s jealousy caused him to create a royal scheme to take over his kingdom. Speaking on his personality Scar seems to be extremely resentful towards Mufasa as he has virtually destroyed his chances of becoming his sexiest ally.

Mr. Smee

Mr. Smee - Peter Pan

Movie – Peter Pan

Mr. Smee- the second antagonist in a 1953 Disney animated movie called “Peter Pan”. He was Captain Hook’s loyal first mate, although his rude manner can often prevent him from being helpful. He’s gentle, sociable, and generous. He enjoys pirating but wants to give up Neverland for a more productive life in the sea.

Smee is a comic relief in Peter Pan. He has short legs, and his face is bald. Smee is the average cartoonist of the mid-70s who’s mostly poor, yet can become a good guy. He has shoulder-length black hair and thin eyebrows. Tinker Bell should never make Smee a big dark-haired prince.


Phil -Ugliest Characters

Movie: Hercules

The initial character listed is here mainly by their outer appearance because his inner body is just as beautiful. Philoctetes is a half-human half-pig who trains aspiring warriors to be real heroes.

His final hopes are still there. He initially appears as the snobby, stubborn old pig, but underneath the horns and hoofed chubby gut, red hair and large nose lie another fierce, but kind guy.


Forky – Toy Story 4

Movie: Toy Story 4

Bonnie built Forky from the ground up. She constructed his body out of a spork, his legs out of popsicle sticks attached to gum, and his wavy arms out of red pipe cleaners.

The other toys are all different from Forky. He wants to go because he doesn’t quite fit in, but Woody won’t let him because he is now Bonnie’s favourite toy. He eventually realises he is exactly where he should be.


Movie: Frozen

Like Phil Kristoff was kind and loving but perhaps misunderstood. And unlike Phil, who is actually very nice, Kristoff doesn’t seem to be a very ugly person. Generally regarded by many people as the worst Disney prince. His big nose makes him an undesirable Disney character.

Kristoff looks very ordinary in real life and his heart is beautiful enough to offset his shortcomings. Luckily Anne saw it. She dumped a terrible Han with Ginger sideburns looking like he came straight back from the 17th century.


Movie: Lilo and Stitch

Stitch is a very ugly but lovely stray. But he was really an experiment – essentially an instrument which was created so that all the objects were destroyed. Jumba is what started stitching.

His eyes have two big eyes: one bigger and one smaller. It appears horrible although the movie provides some comic relief for his actions. He discovered that his experiment failed and that Stitch was taught to be nice so Jumba did the right thing.

Cruella De Vil

Cruella De Vil - 101 Dalmatians - Ugliest Disney Characters

Movie: 101 Dalmatians

Cruella De Vil is Disney’s main villain in the 1961 animated movie 101 Dalmatians. She’s an eccentric fashionista that wants 98 puppies from Dalmatia to be skinned. This creates the fur coat. Cruella has been labeled by some as a witch. She commits immoral acts for her mania like kidnapping or murder. She was known for being mean & rude. In fact, she frequently enters the homes of others unnoticed and offends others.

Not only is Cruella De Villiers a terrible character, but she’s one of the worst characters from Disney films. She appears to be quite slim but has half-black and half-white hair. I hate her. Avoid causing any problems for animals like dogs or cats.


Jafar - Aladdin

Movie: Aladdin

Jafar has a great deal of ambition but the way he achieved his goals was far from sinful. Of course, there was also a creepy and evil face with a dark beard and a creepy-sorcerer feel. He’s an awesome villain you hate so much.

Jafar is the principal antagonist in Disney’s 1992 cartoon film, Aladdin. Agrabah has crowned King Vizier and he became a trusted advisor by the Sultan. Jafar is loosely inspired by the evil witcher and viziers from Aladdin’s folktale in a thousand nights collection. He has characterized himself as an immoral psychopath who is willing and obligated to kill anyone he considers an enemy.

The Fates

The Fates - Hercules

Movie: Hercules

The Fates are the sisters/witches with a single eyeball who helped Hades discover the weaknesses of Herculean. These are horrible even when the eyeballs are no longer available to the child.

The Fates gave a few nightmares, although the Fates were only a cameo character. Despite all the hype about herculean heroes, we still have characters that aren’t finished.

Almost no one sees the Fates as villains. This group contains three deities and is usually not regarded as evil characters. But they’re not just ugly cartoon characters. All three have the same eye for future vision. A few other features include stringy hairs and long noses.


Hades (Hercules)

Movie: Hercules

In a way, the Hercules movies have definitely not had ugly actors and the main antagonist, Hades, is the ugliest. Hades is Zeus’s brother who has the mission of overthrowing the gods of the underworld and destroying Hercules by removing the Titans.

Hades has a black fire on his head rather than his hair. However, I loved Hades when I was a little girl. I thought he had something very humorous. He looks ugly in the eyes, but you like him.

The Hag

The Hag: Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs - The Evil Queen and Snow White and the seven dwarfs

Movie: Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

Also called the evil queen. Hag disguised Snow White to believe her as a stranger. Hag appears older with missing teeth snouts on top and blonde hair tucked under her face. The disguises used by the wicked witches.

The Hag’s ego fools people despite her love for others. The evil queen is pale and has bright red cheeks.

Snow White and seven dwarfs was an iconic and riskiest action film of all time as the first animated feature. The film will probably change the film business forever. It was the 10th most popular film of all time as well as the highest grosser. The mythical characters of Snow White always have a creepiness about themselves.

Madame Medusa

Madame Medusa - Ugliest Disney Characters

Movie: The Rescuers

Madam Medusa was the antagonist in Disney’s 1977 animated movie The Rescuers. Her business is a seedy pawnshop in Manhattan. Talking about her character, Medusa was a selfish, greedy woman.

When we first see her pawn shops, the shop’s sign advertises half the prices for diamonds brought in. It has been her aim in obtaining the Devil Eye, the largest diamond in all, but she craves it alone


Maleficent - Sleeping Beauty

Movie: Sleeping Beauty

The new, real-life adaptation of Maleficent (played by Angelina Jolie) is believed to give the character a stronger character, a larger body, and a more human appearance. Why do you think that maleficent is ugly?

The major antagonists in Sleep Beauty were ridiculously thin, pale greenish skin and massive horns on her head that made her even more terrifying. Maleficent’s looks were not her fault.

Mother Gothel

Mother Gothel - Tangled - Ugly Disney Characters - Rapunzel

Movie: Tangled

The film “Rapunzel Gothel” portrays herself with a theatrical flair often displaying her beautiful and curvy appearance. Despite being regarded as a formidable and dangerous character, her personality also reflects the fact: In fact in her real life, before discovering flowering plants, she was a real stage actress and artiste, and she retired as a result of her aged age.

Despite being hundreds of years old, she is unable to survive without the help of Rapunzel’s golden hair enchantment. It was her duty in holding Rapunzel closed in the tower until the film ended with her being named the witch. Mother Gothel is greedy, evil, sociopathic, or otherwise awful.

Edna Mode

Edna Mode - The Incredible -

Movie: The Incredible

The Incredible movie – The Incredibles. Edna Mode has played a supporting role in Disney/Pixar’s animation film “The Incredibles (2004)” and their 2017 sequels. Her work as a designer for Supers was regarded as a very good friend of Parr’s family. Edna made her own superhero costume and has said she designs for gods. It appears she is infinitely superior.

Edna is a tough-loved character. She has an aggressive attitude. She is the bad duck in the movie and also makes us laugh in “The Incredibles 2”! Her fashion tastes though are less than ideal, and she is wearing ridiculous dresses and oversized glasses.

Shan Yu

Movie: Mulan

This ugly horrifying shadow is what got me to keep watching Mulan in high school. I really enjoyed Mushu, so I wanted to see it all the time. Shan Yu, the Hun’s biggest leader has yellow eyes, dark hair, and long hair.

He looks like a demon, not a person, especially if you think he has fang-like facial features just as vampires do. Apparently, they gave him some creeps.

Dr. Facilier

Dr. Facilier (The Princess And The Frog)

Movie: The Princess And The Frog

Many have questioned whether Dr. Facilier was the greatest Disney villain of all time. The outside appearance was quite ugly and terrifying: skinny with a skull and bone in it.

He acts in terror although he looks ugly. Apparently, his signature song Friends in the Other Side is probably Disney’s creepiest song.


Randall - Monsters Inc - Happily Ever Ugly Characters

Movie: Monsters Inc

Randall was a rival of Mike and Sully in Pixar’s “Monster Inc”. Whenever he makes a feature film his rivals always try their best, and they battle it out.

The scare has always fascinated Randall. Typically a purple chameleon changes form and become more dangerous, or even sneaky.

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