Top 10 Ceramic Planters for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Ceramic planters and pots are a fantastic way to grow plants in places that you might not normally be able to, such as an outdoor patio, kitchen shelves, or even washrooms. There are many planters constructed from different materials, each one with distinctive characteristics.

Ceramic planters come in a wide range of colors, designs, and sizes. They offer better drainage as opposed to clay. They are beautiful and perfect for indoor and outdoor décor. Ceramic planters are attractive and appealing. The only thing that makes them less well-known is the fact that they’re expensive, heavy, breakable, and do not drain well. Whatever size, color, or style you want to add to your home, we have compiled different options for you.

Read on – for all the details you will need to pick the best one for your gardening project.

A List of Top 10 Ceramic Planters:

  1. Monstruosus Ceramic Planters
  2. Blue glazed Extra large Ceramic Planter
  3. Elegant Contemporary Concrete Large Ceramic Planters for Outdoor Use
  4. High-fired Large Glazed Ceramic Planters
  5. Rivet Geometric Ceramic Planter Pot
  6. Modern White Square Tall Planters for Indoor and Outdoor
  7. White Fiberglass Large Outdoor Pottery Planters
  8. Black Ceramic Outdoor Ceramic Planters on Wooden Tripod Stands
  9. Flat Stainless Steel Large Outdoor Pottery Planters
  10. Large Round Ceramic Planter Bowl

It requires little effort and creativity to make your home appear attractive and appealing. The look of your home from the outside can cause people to react positively. A landscaped home that is designed differently than those of your neighbors may boost the value of your home’s resale.

Let’s discuss each one of them to clear your picture about ceramic planters.

Monstruosus Ceramic Planters

Monstruosus: Planter shopping Brand 2022

The Monstruosus ceramic planters for indoor and outdoor use can be a great option to add some aesthetic touch to your garden and living area. Their simple and neutral colors made them more versatile to be placed anywhere in the bedrooms, living room, kitchen, or outdoor garden. Their unique designs and color make the space more pleasing to the eyes and add an expensive decor vibe to the home. Wide or small, tall or short or narrow, these planters made of ceramic improve the look of your home and complement your theme. Explore Monstruosus Ceramic Planters from their collection and enjoy their planters in different designs, colors, styles, and sizes. You would have different options to choose from in their collection.

a). Tapered Conical Ceramic Planters

  • Available Colors: white, black, and saffron.
  • Price: $295
  • Used Material: Matte glazed earthenware ceramic.

Your plants are open to the sun each day and this tapered ceramic planter is designed to celebrate this. The conical shape of this planter is tapered and extends upwards from a narrow base to an even more generous opening, which provides ample space to water and maintains your plants. The result is a beautiful handmade planter that cuts down on floor space and accommodates the complex root structure of your plants.

b). Cylinder Ceramic Planter

  • Available Colors: white, black, and saffron.
  • Price: $195
  • Used Material: Matte glazed earthenware ceramic.

This cylindrical ceramic planter is handcrafted and is a perfect example of a sleek yet elegant masterpiece for your office, home, or for indoors and outdoor. The edges are perfectly polished, refined, and sculpted by the casters. A simple and elegant piece to add to your decor collection.

c). Model Three Ceramic Planter

  • Available Colors: white, black, and saffron.
  • Price: $235
  • Used Material: Matte glazed earthenware ceramic.

This unique modern ceramic planter combines two distinct forms: an elongated cone with a circular and a cylindrical shape. This combination is a perfect example of our goal to discover a peaceful harmony within the complicated. Our experienced casters achieve this harmony at the potter’s wheel, in which they carefully shape the beveled edge of the potter’s signature to create a smooth transition between drum and base.

Blue glazed Extra large Ceramic Planters

The blue hue splatters over the entire length of these planters which are beautifully blended to represent the color of ocean water. The gorgeous blue ceramic pots can be best set indoors, away from extreme or harsh temperatures. This planter can easily grab anyone’s attention through the bright blue color that can pop out of other decor pieces. They do not have drain holes in them, the huge ceramic planters with glazes work best when paired with faux plants. Plant a fake palm tree and see how easily it blends into the jute-textured rug or any theme of your living area. The blue and watery glaze will remind you of the beauty of oceans and beaches.

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Elegant Contemporary Concrete Large Ceramic Planters for Outdoor Use

The smooth concrete-like fiberglass planter can effortlessly blend at the corner of your couch, balcony, or at floor of the kitchen area.  Simple, yet natural to the outdoors, its appearance on your deck will create a peaceful atmosphere for your home. Relax and enjoy its beauty with beautiful white blooms or your imposing tree. Equipped with drainage holes, this huge ceramic pots for plants will keep your roots clean and healthy. In the winter, you can put this beautiful pot in your living space. As the sun sets the large ceramic planter casts a striking shadow, creating an amazing appeal.

High-fired Large Glazed Ceramic Planters

Best use as hanging pot

These pots for outdoor use are likely to be among the most stunning you’ve seen. The black almost burnt the clay at the bottom, the dark brown color at the top, and the glossy glazed ceramic planter creates the perfect foundation for a lush green plant. Use these ceramic pots outdoors with virtually any style of decor. Bring them into your home, office area, or cottage. The seafoam and bright blue glaze accentuate its coastal style.  Although adding green faux plants makes your home space more appealing.

Rivet Geometric Ceramic Planter Pots

The cylindrical base with geometric patterns on neutral hues looks elegant and gives a bohemian vibe to the living space. They can easily enhance your garden or the area around your water fountain. Put the planter on the table, shelve, or on the outdoor patio, it will complement every place. Place this on the floor or use a stand with an arch provides excellent stability and helps prevent a traumatic falling to the floor. You can put a saucer underneath the planter. It is an ideal piece for people who love Bohemian style, but also great for other decors that are influenced by cultural styles. These outdoor ceramic pots appear stunning with plain lawn plants or bushes with a round shape.

Modern White Square Tall Planters for Indoor and Outdoor

The white planters look modern and sleek. For indoor and outdoor environments, high-gloss galvanized steel lacquered with lacquer plays up sophisticated industrial design to great effect.

  • Steel powder-coated with galvanized powder
  • One drainage hole that has a plug
  • Wipe clean with a soft dry slightly damp cloth
  • The plastic liner is recommended for indoor use
  • Indoor/outdoor

You’re seeking something simple but not overly extravagant. The outdoor ceramic planters exist to serve a small purpose. Ceramic outdoor pots are simple and sleek. With a crisp porcelain planter in white, you’ve achieved simple elegance. Put this indoor and outdoor ceramic planter at the corners of your patio, or near your chairs.

White Fiberglass Large Outdoor Pottery Planters

Tall, skinny trees and plants appear best in large, tall planter boxes that are stretched out to fit many plants at once. The tall skinny plants create an illusion of height, and the short plants in these planter boxes give a more sturdy and bushy impact. Hence, this planter is the best of both worlds, you can plant both small and tall plants. The weatherproofing and frost resistance are great qualities of this planter for chilly mornings. You can contrast your white outdoor planter to use with dark black or brown wood deck or stone patio. Furthermore, you can plant your favorite vegetables in these tall rectangle shape planters.

Black Ceramic Outdoor Ceramic Planters on Wooden Tripod Stands

If you decide to label them as bowls or pots, these black and solid ceramic planters for the outdoors are sure to impress your guests. They’re designed with a wooden tripod stand to give you more stability. The white stone wall you have by using these black natural ceramic pots for outdoor use will be a striking contrast. When you host your next barbecue and your guests will be looking them up and asking about where you purchased the pots. It is such an antique piece to add to your home. 

Flat Stainless Steel Large Outdoor Pottery Planters

They are flat and strong, these long stainless steel outdoor planters are built to be there in extreme environments. The most durable features include galvanized steel, anti-rust and weather resistance, frost resistance as well as UV protection. The stainless-steel materials add an elegant look to contemporary and modern styles of decorating. It is easy to plant succulents and other flowering plants that have naturally small roots. In addition, you will also receive an edging to put against the cold steel to stop the cold from reaching the plant’s roots.

Large Round Ceramic Planter Bowl

Large planter with saucer for green Plants

The bronze-colored, brushed outdoor potter planters are a perfect fit for Turkish and Moroccan styles of design. Different styles of decor can easily pass through with a wide-mouthed planter bowl. Make use of them with dirt, flowers, and plants or even with beautiful water plants such as lilies and pad lilies. This is an excellent centerpiece for a greenhouse or in a pond that is outdoors. It’s rust and water-resistant and, surprisingly, constructed of plastic. The large pots and bowls don’t have drainage holes however due to their construction drainage holes are simple to drill through the bottom.


Are Ceramic Planters Good for Plants?

Plants grown with porcelain or glazed pots tend to grow better. Usually, the soil in the ceramic pot absorbs more humidity and does not dry out very much.

What is better Terracotta or Ceramic?

The biggest advantage ceramics have compared to granite and marble is the appearance. Air circulation encourages the growth of plants and leads to healthier plants. Sand also helps remove soil moisture, making ceramic planters a better choice for those plants with overwatering and who want dry soils. 

Terracotta seems duller compared to many other kinds of ceramics. Terracotta is an unglazed, slightly porous ceramic created from clay and is commonly used by Italian. Terracotta clay pots are not advisable in any outdoor environment. Because they are porous but retain moisture, they can crack due to the moisture, that is frozen throughout winter.

Are Ceramic or Plastic Planters Better?

Air movement stimulates root development, thus creating healthy vegetation. The clay also draws water from the soil and makes ceramic pots the best choice if your plants are sensitive to excessive water or prefer dry. Similarly, plants that use ceramic containers require more water.

Should Ceramic Planters have Holes in the Bottom?

Drainage holes help excess water seep into pots when they are in excess and ensure it doesn’t accumulate at their base which prevents rot and fungus in the root systems. 

Are Clay Pots Good for all Plants?

Clay pots provide good health to many plants. The porosity of clay helps air and water penetrate the bottoms of the container. Plants can easily absorb nutrients from the soil. Clay pots also function as wicks and can be used for removing excess moisture.

Can I use a Ceramic Bowl as a Planter?

Yes, by doing a little addition to the bowl. Add a hole at the bottom for drainage of water. This will be easy to make if your bowls are ceramic, plastic, or hardwood. 

Where to Get Monstruosus Modern Planter Pots?

You can order directly from their site simply by signing in with your account and saving your order, then adding your shipping address and phone number to contact to ease your delivery. Extra care is taken to maintain your privacy. There are amazing deals going on their site, add your favorite planters to your cart and shop them during the offers period. The delivery is free and convenient. Hurry up, Pickup your favorite product and order now before it runs out.

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