15 Best Things to Do in Shrewbury This Weekend

Shrewsbury is one of the most popular markets in Shropshire. A loop along River Severn encompassing Medieval castles, towers, and Tudor buildings, along with a charming Riverside park, has won many hearts among residents. The sewer is a water obstacle on small passages protecting 600 historic buildings.

Visiting such buildings is hardly the funniest thing in Shrewsbury. Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury; you will find his homes and the churches where he had his baptism. There are historical museums, fabulous nature, fun parks, indoor activities, and other attractions of particular interest in your visit.

A List of Shrewsbury Things to Do

Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery

Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery

This historical attraction, founded in 1835, is now housed in the historic Music Hall, a historic Victorian house located in the heart of Shrewsbury. More than 300,000 pieces are collected every year. Recent purchases include The Shrewsbury Hoard, a collection of 935 reclaimed Roman-era silver coins discovered in 2009.

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The River Severn

The River Severn

The River Severn is Shrewsbury’s major attraction, and she has left her mark on the community, transforming it into what it is today. It now serves as the Shropshire Regimental Museum, making it an excellent destination to explore and discover remnants of its past.

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Battlefield Falconry Centre

Battlefield Falconry Centre

The old battlefield village now has become mainly an eastern suburb of Shrewsbury, and it should be admired by the birds that feed here and there. The Falconry Centre carries about 20 different birds, including Owls.

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Historic Town Centre

Historic town centre - Visit August and September

The oldest quarters of the city, surrounded by the Severn, are lovely. Shrewsbury has over 660 listed buildings – the most prominent being black/white half-timber houses raised when the wool industry grew. The ruins of a previous era include the “Shuts”, cosy passageways with evocative names such as the “Grope Lane” and the “Peacock Passage “

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Attingham Park

Attingham Park, Shrewsbury Shropshire - home of Charles Darwin

Attingham Park is a part of the National Trust in the suburb of Shrewsbury Shropshire, which is an excellent place to visit with your family. The hotel offers a Regency-style home on an impressive estate containing a zoo, woodland deer park, walled gardens, and acres of beautiful countryside.

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St Mary’s Church

St Mary's Church - best place to visit - see stained glass windows in the town

It was declared obsolete in 1985 and is now leased to the churches’ conservation trust. This building is constructed with Norman or Gothic architectural style, which AngloSaxon Emperor Edgar built at the beginning of the 10th Century.

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St Chad’s Church

St Chad's Church - best things to do in Shrewsbury

St Chad’s church was built on a hilltop of a quarry park in 1790 to replace an older 13th-century building destroyed when its tower broke off in 1893. It has many characteristics of a Neo-Classical Georgian masterpiece.

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Shrewsbury Abbey

Shrewsbury Abbey - best things to do in Shrewsbury

A former Benedictine monastery, Shrewsbury Abbey, dated from around the 11th Century and survived the dissolution of the monastic buildings. During the demolition, the monastic buildings remained, and many original Norman structures survived intact.

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Theatre Severn

Theatre Severn - best things to do in Shrewsbury

The premier performing arts centre in Shrewsbury Theatre Severn offers 633 seats in the main auditorium and a smaller Walker Theatre that holds 200 people or can hold 500. The building opened in 2009 and is attracting audiences to the region in West Midlands and mid-Wales.

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Haughmond Hill

Entertainment in Shrewsbury - best things to do in Shrewsbury

After a short distance of driving to the east of Shrewsbury, you will reach this 150-meter-high, low, broad-rise building.

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The Quarry Park

The Quarry Park - best things to do in Shrewsbury

This spectacular 29 acres of land sits at Shrewsbury’s West Branch Loop in River Severn. It offers a peaceful walk along the streets or a picnic at the Severn’s waterfront. It is situated at Dingle, an ancient quarry from the 14th to the 16th Century.

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Market Hall

Market Hall - search best things to do in Shrewsbury

The Market Hall in the famous clock tower of Shrewsbury is a friendly shopping destination with food and drinks, flower markets and fruits and vegetables, bakery goods, speciality products and confectionery. You can also browse crafts, craft supplies, and vinyl and vintage clothing.

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Dana Prison

Dana Prison

In 2013 HM prisoners in Shrewsbury were decommissioned. Initially, this dominant Georgian building is being turned into a home, shop and gym. If your project does not begin, you can still get inside through Jailhouse Tours.

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Sabrina Boat Trips

Sabrina Boat Trips - History of England (September & August)

A river tour is essential when visiting Shrewsbury on a sunny day. Sabrina departs daily from Victoria Quay at 8:00 and 1:00 from March 1st through October 31st. The journey is 45 minutes and offers lots of photographs of your trip, then returns with an informative conversation from the captain.

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Shrewsbury Castle

Shrewsbury Castle - History of England

Shrewsbury castle is a town built in 1070 in place of the Norman conquest. It is a fort built in red sandstone that dates to Edward III’s era and his mastery of Wales. During a fallow after the 1790s British Civil War, it was restored in the 1790s by the celebrated Architect Thomas Telford.

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Wroxeter Roman City

The Wroxeter Roman City is a fantastic site to visit for Roman history and is situated 5 miles east of the town of Shrewsbury.

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Other Things to do in Shrewsbury, England

The town of Shrewsbury is a historic medieval settlement situated within Shropshire. Shrewsbury may not seem like a sleepy suburb, but it does have many activities. It’s a lovely place to spend family days with your child, with activities all year long, but there is more peace. Not to mention historical sites such as castles and other exciting places like Charles Darwin’s home.

Eat & Drink

It is not a city that will starve unless you come across some good restaurants. The Shrewsbury restaurants have a variety of food choices to satisfy everyone. The Loopies are recommended for excellent Italian cuisine, and for the Mediterranean, try Olive Tree. Shrewsbury has over 100 bars, wine bars, and cocktail and club bars to choose from.


Shrewsbury’s city centre is filled with many good shops. In addition to the usual high-end name, there are several fabulous independent boutiques. Explore quirky bookstores, antique, and fashion stores – here’re some things you can try.


Is Shrewsbury Worth Visiting?

Nestling among soaring Shropshire hills just a few kilometres from Wales’ border is the laidback town of Shrewsbury, a beautiful spot to see. It’s an ideal location to spend an afternoon or weekend in Shrewsbury, and there are many good things to do throughout the city.

What is Shrewsbury Famous for?

Shrewsbury & Central The town is the home of the internationally acclaimed Darwinist. The area contains a magnificent red sandstone castle, now a regimental museum, along with a beautiful park named Quarry that is the home to the Shrewsbury Flower Show every summer.

Are Shropshire and Shrewsbury the Same Place?

The region is traditionally called Shropshire and by a Norman-derived older name, Slop. Shrewsbury is central Shropshire’s main administrative district. Geographically historic counties and unitary governments cover different regions.

Is Shrewsbury the Best Place to Live?

In 2018 right movers listed Shrewsbury among the happiest places on Earth. It was positioned alongside the top five: Leamington Spa, Worcester Stratford Upon Avon, Hereford & Sutton Coldfield.

Is Shrewsbury a City or a Town?

Shrewsbury is a village and administrative and historical county in Shropshire, west England. It is the county town of Shropshire, and its strategically important place close to the border with the UK has made it an important city.

What is Unique About Shrewsbury?

It is situated on historic cliffs. The Saxons established the village in Shropshire and developed by the Tudors, which explains its fame for the castle, spires, abbeys and medieval buildings. Walking through the city and town will take you a long while to enjoy the history right before your eyes.

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