20 Best Things to Do in Bendigo this Weekend

Bendigo was a former gold mining district in central Victoria and a regular regional destination for the young. The town offers sweeping Victorian architecture, charming streets, and slow-paced daily lives while offering engaging cultural and culinary experiences. It can be done within 30 minutes by taxi in Melbourne.

Near a remote area around Victoria is a town sprung from the Victorian gold rush of the late 19th century. Bendigo’s mineral fields are among the world’s most valuable goldfields and have 780,000 kilograms of gold. One thousand Chinese diggers were gathered for the first day of excavation 170 years ago. Today, Bendigo is home to a prominent Chinese population documented at the Golden Dragon museums and seen particularly during Easter festivals. Midas’s influence left Bendigo with elegant 19th-century structures which continue today.

We have some excellent advice for things to do in Bendigo this weekend. Bendigo Art Gallery is Australia’s most significant local gallery and has hosted many world-class exhibitions over the past decade.

The List of Things to do in Bendigo, Australia

About Bendigo, Australia

Bendigo is an important regional city and Victoria’s fourth most important city. The town has over 100,000 inhabitants. With an effortless drive from Victoria from anywhere, and can be integrated into any road trip around the country. Bendigo’s past is centred on gold, and uncovered in the 1850s, massive migrations from around the world immediately followed the city. It was transformed into a significant settlement within the past year. Seven hundred seventy-seven tonnes have remained on the site since 1851.

Getting There and Around

There’s only one way to get there with a car. Central Deborah Mines, Talk-Trams, Lake Weeroona, Golden Dragon Museum, and Discovery Science and Technology Center are close enough so you can walk there (but not without children). You can quickly get the train from Melbourne can be easily gotten. It’s easy to get from Victoria.

Bendigo Chinese Gardens Reserve and Golden Dragon Museum

Bendigo Chinese Gardens Reserve and Golden Dragon Museum - Things to do in Bendigo

From the days before the gold rush, there was Chinese people in Bendigo. The museum of Chinese history was located in an early Bendigo town. This tourist attraction opened in 1991 and examined these people’s lives and how China culture influenced the town between the 1850s and the present.

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  • Reviews: Google- 4.4 (983), Tripadvisor- 4.5 (529)
  • Address: 1/11 Bridge St, Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia
  • Call: +61 3 5441 5044

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Alexandra Fountain

Alexandra Fountain - things to do in bendigo

This intersection of views street is Charing Cross in the centre of Bendigo. This fountain was built in 1880 in honor of Princess Alexandra from Denmark. Located near the Gold Field, this monument is the work of architect Vahland Architect.

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  • Reviews: Google- 4.6 (171), Tripadvisor- 4.5
  • Address: Charing Cross, Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia
  • Call: +61 3 8392 5160

Bendigo Art Gallery

Bendigo Art Gallery - things to do in bendigo

The Bendigo Art Gallery, one of the biggest and most established museums in the area, hosts a wide variety of exhibitions. The Post Office Gallery, which is housed as Australia’s oldest building, is worth a visit just to take in the stunning structure. Be sure to put this on your list because there are some fantastic school holiday programs available.

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  • Reviews: Google- 4.7 (1838), Tripadvisor- 4.5 (1018)
  • Address: 42 View St, Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia
  • Call: +61 3 5434 6088

Lake Weeroona

Lake Weeroona

Between the 1850 and 1870s, a beautiful place in Bendigo became the mine. In 1878 the art director of Melbourne Botanical Gardens supervised their transformation to 18 acres of water. 

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  • Reviews: Google- 4.6 (118), Tripadvisor- 4.5 (460)
  • Address: Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia

Sacred Heart Cathedral

Sacred Heart Cathedral

Bendigo Gold explains why a relatively small town of such size can boast such incredible churches. The spectacular Gothic Revival House was completed in 1897 until its completion 70 years after work was interrupted in the second war.

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  • Reviews: Google- 4.6 (678), Tripadvisor- 4.5 (473)
  • Address: MacKenzie St, Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia
  • Call: +61 3 5443 4400

Great Stupa of Universal Compassion

Great Stupa of Universal Compassion

It is the biggest stupa in the western world and has a size and shape similar to that of the Tibetan great stupa Gyantse. This stunning monument was built as the last century monument 48 meters above Bendigo bushlands and had an elevation of 50 metres.

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  • Reviews: Google- 4.7 (1018), Tripadvisor- 4.5 (180)
  • Address: 25 Sandhurst Town Rd, Myers Flat VIC 3556, Australia
  • Call: +61 3 5446 7568

Zone Fun Park

The Zone Fun Park

The Zone provides a variety of high-adrenaline activities that are both hard and memorable. The Zone is the ideal day trip for the entire family and is great for kids (and large kids) since it has an experience waiting for everyone. The following activities are available: Laser Tag, Skating, Go-Karts, Mini Golf, Archery Tag, Paintball, Indoor Play Center, Jumping Castle, Outdoor Maze, Slot Cars, and Arcades.

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  • Reviews: Google- 4.4 (468)
  • Address: 1 Gildea Ln, East Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia
  • Call: +61 3 5441 7046

Bendigo Botanic Gardens

Bendigo Botanic Gardens

The first public gardens in the city were built in 1857. This site is a few minutes from downtown Bendigo. The lakes at this point are remnants of Bendigo Creek and are covered in native wetland plants.

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  • Reviews: Google- 4.6 (1050), Tripadvisor- 4.5 (141).
  • Address: 557-559 Napier St, White Hills VIC 3550, Australia
  • Call: +61 3 5434 6000

Bendigo Tramways

Bendigo Tramways

The city is home to trams from around 1890, which are now open to tourists. In their time, the Bendigo Tramway has since 1903 powered by the use of a generator. The network was too costly during the postwar years for commute services, and it was eventually closed down in 1972 for the restoration of heritage line services.

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  • Reviews: Google- 4.6 (500), Tripadvisor- 4.5 (493)
  • Address: Central Deborah Tourist Mine H.a., 76 Violet St, Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia
  • Call: +613 54422821

Bendigo Pottery

Bendigo Pottery

It was Australia’s oldest working pottery in history, founded in Bendigo in 1858. It experienced a resurgence since its inception in 1970, following several changes. Since then, Bendigo Pottery has earned a reputation for excellence and innovation. You may discover all there is to know about manufacturing and the age-old techniques still used by Bendigo’s talented potters at this ancient location dominated by wood-fired kilns.

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  • Reviews: Google- 4.4 (956)
  • Address: 146 Midland Hwy, Epsom VIC 3551, Australia
  • Call: +61 3 5448 4404

Rosalind Park

Rosalind Park

Bordering Bendigo city centre is 60 hectares of grass and mature trees scattered among many attractions and historical monuments. The space today, Rosalind Park lane, is within Bendigo Creek in southeastern Bendigo and was essential to the people of Dja Wrung well before the arrival of Europeans.

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  • Reviews: Google- 4.6 (1785), Tripadvisor- 4.5 (389)
  • Address: 30 Gaol Rd, Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia
  • Call: +61 3 5434 6000

Central Deborah Gold Mine

Central Deborah Gold Mine

Visit Central Deborah Gold Mine to explore the depths of Bendigo’s underground and learn about the importance of Bendigo’s real gold mining past for a memorable experience. In 1851, gold was found in Bendigo, which led to the ages of gold mining that resulted in billions of dollars in revenue. The Central Deborah Gold Mine, one of the last two commercial mines to close in the prosperous Bendigo goldfields, operated for only 15 years, from 1939 to 1954.

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  • Reviews: Google- 4.7 (295), Tripadvisor- 4.5 (730)
  • Address: 76 Violet St, Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia
  • Call: +61 3 5443 8322

Discovery Science and Technology Centre

Discovery Science and Technology Centre

Regardless of your age, Discovery Science and Technology Centre offers a special and entertaining way to pass the time. You’ll also undoubtedly discover some fascinating things along the way. You won’t know what to attempt first at Discovery! because there are so many interactive displays to discover.

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  • Reviews: Google- 4.3 (89), Tripadvisor- 4.0 (120)
  • Address: 7 Railway Pl, Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia
  • Call: +61 3 5444 4400

The Soldiers Memorial Institute Military Museum

The Soldiers Memorial Institute Military Museum

As a monument to those who sacrificed in the First World War, the sombre Returned Soldiers’ Memorial Hall was built in the Second Empire style in 1921. The museum inside reopened in 2018 following a two-year renovation and expansion, and it now houses a sizable collection of military exhibits and memorabilia documenting every battle from the Boer War to Iraq

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  • Reviews: Google- 4.7 (66), Tripadvisor- 4.5 (60)
  • Address: 37-39 Pall Mall, Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia
  • Call: +61 3 5442 4513

Bendigo Joss House Temple

Bendigo Joss House Temple

Learn more about Chinese traditions and the tale of the Chinese immigrants who came to Bendigo in pursuit of gold by visiting this heritage-listed temple. Due to the distinctive red bricks, you will immediately recognise it. Spend some time listening to the tour guides as they describe what life was like for the Chinese looking for gold because it is a significant part of Bendigo’s cultural past.

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  • Reviews: Google- 4.0 (80), Tripadvisor- 4.0 (155)
  • Address: Finn St, North Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia
  • Call: +61 3 5442 1685

Showgrounds Market

Showgrounds Market

The Bendigo Easter Festival, which has been held annually since 1871, is the only time you can see Bendigo’s imperial dragon, Sun Loong, in action. The initial festival was held to generate money for a hospital and quickly developed into a tradition. Every year, Sun Loong attends the Easter Procession, which is held on Easter Sunday and features more than 100 floats and over 1,000 participants.

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  • Reviews: Google- 4.2 (80)
  • Address: 42 Holmes Rd, North Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia
  • Call: +61 407 094 805

Park Lane Play Bendigo

As soon as you walk into Park Lane Play Centre, entertainment on four levels greets you. At this vibrant play center, you can climb, slide, engage in ball pit play, or simply let go. All children will enjoy using the outdoor jumping pillow, which is included in the price.

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  • Reviews: Google- 4.4 (105), Tripadvisor- 4.5 (13)
  • Address: 761 McIvor Hwy, Junortoun VIC 3551, Australia
  • Call: +61 3 5449 3335

Bendigo Wineries

Even though visiting a winery might not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering a family-friendly attraction, we found it to be a fairly simple activity to undertake with kids. It is simple to reward the kids with food by offering them somewhere to eat, and many of them have outdoor spaces where they may play without disturbing anyone. Oh, I adore a good winery.

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  • Reviews: Google- 5.0 (18)
  • Address: 52 Garsed St, Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia
  • Call: +61 401 290 315

Chancery Lane Art Space

Bendigo’s Chancery Lane connects Hargreaves Street and Pall Mall for pedestrians. The area is now home to a wide range of specialty businesses, including cafes, apparel stores, and beauty and hair salons. It has a long history, which reportedly at one point included a brothel.

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  • Reviews: Google- 4.6(494), Tripadvisor- 4.5(12)
  • Address: 2 Simpsons Rd, Eaglehawk VIC 3556, Australia
  • Hours: Wednesday: Open 24 hours

Bendigo Visitor Centre

Get the youngsters moving and go on a walking tour of Bendigo to learn the insider’s secrets. This two-hour walk wanders through the town’s ancient gardens and streets. Enjoy the sights while listening to the stories.

  • Reviews: Google- 4.6(270), Tripadvisor- 4.5(250)
  • Address: 51-67 Pall Mall, Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia
  • Call: +61 1800 813 153

Other Things To Do In Bendigo

Eating in Bendigo

Several restaurants are available here. We ate Chinese after learning Chinese culture. Keep an eye open for these options. It was spicy, and it was not usual. I had two red faces screaming children in a single restaurant. That wasn’t bad! It also has many supermarket shops, and our Bendiga house was easy for us to cook in.

Bendigo Stadium

This top-notch stadium hosts a variety of acts, including some breathtaking family events. This location, which can accommodate up to 4000 people, is sure to dazzle.

Jumpz Trampoline Park

Jumpz is a trampoline park with much more trampolines than you can imagine, so get jumping these holidays. Enjoy the free jump area or give a try at bouncing the basketball through the net. You can feel secure knowing the children are safe knowing there is also a space for small jumpers.

Maldon Museum and Archives Association

The Maldon Museum is home to an extraordinary collection of artefacts and documents that capture the spirit of Maldon and the varied narratives of Maldon and the District. The timeline display depicts the stories of the region’s early settlers, the Dja Dja Wurrung people, European pastoralists, and the people from other nations who settled in Maldon as the town grew and the gold rushes began in the 1850s. Various regional topics, such as trade unionism, cultural preservation, and gold mining techniques, are covered in separate displays.

The Capital

A variety of family shows and performances are presented at The Capital, a well-known music, theatre, and entertainment venue in Bendigo. Simply seeing this enormous theatre to view its elaborate decor is well worth the trip. Visit here to access it online.

Castlemaine Art Museum

The Castlemaine Art Gallery and Historical Museum, which was established in 1913, is notable for both its collection of Australian art and its distinctive arrangement of historical artefacts.

Long Gully Splash Park

It’s a wonderful little town, in fact. There are BBQs and excellent cover over the water play area, and we are fairly large for what it is. The fact that it is free is very incredible. In addition, there is a dry play area with a slide and a sizable rope climbing structure. It was spotless, and the park’s care is excellent.

La Trobe Art Institute

In the centre of Bendigo’s arts district lies the La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre, a multipurpose contemporary visual arts facility and event location. Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, 121 View Street Historical and cultural locations


How do I Spend a Day in Bendigo?

Bendigo is an easy drive from Melbourne, offering a variety of sights and experiences for everyone to enjoy. Several popular family entertainments in Bendigo are available, including the Heritage tramway, Central Deborah Gold Mine, Zone Fun Park, Rosalind Park, Bendigo’s Art Museum, Bendigo Pottery, Streets, Lake Weeroona, Chinese Gardens, Bendigo Botanic Gardens, Great Stupa.

What’s Bendigo Famous for?

Bendigo has a rich history of pottery. It is also referred to as the Victorian Ceramics Centre. Potteries are present at this site dating from the 1950s. The famous Bendigo Potteries was built in 1859.

The Top Attractions to Visit in Bendigo are:
  • Central Deborah Gold Mine.
  • Bendigo Art Gallery.
  • Golden Dragon Museum.
  • Lake Weeroona.
  • The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion.
How Long do you Need in Bendigo?

Tell me the duration of your trip to Bendigo. One day trip in Bendigo would be ideal for visiting Bendigo’s CBD, but there will still be plenty of things to see and do! Bendigo has an exciting story; the magnificent buildings are evidence of the gold rush gold in the 1870s.

What is the Main Shopping Street in Bendigo?

Lansell Square is a premier shopping centre situated in Bendigo, VIC. It’s a south entrance into Bendigo.

The street includes three major retail chains, Coles, Kmart and Woolworths, and 62 unique stores.

Where can I Shop in Bendigo?

Book Now offers the mystery of older discarded books waiting to be explored in a soaring library of Bodleianesque design. Everywhere we go in Bendigo, we go there. You can order books according to your category, including highlights such as fiction, antique collections, and nonfiction books. The store is home to a small selection of book titles for kids, but most are geared toward adults.

Where to eat in Bendigo with Kids?

A genuine steakhouse and pizzeria in which every dish is cooked and grilled using sustainable redgum wood from Barma. Food is homey; rustic cuisine is served without gasoline! Our pizza grilled in wood was delicious with crispy breadcrumbs and the stuffed poutine with roast vegetables. It is also a delight to see and can accommodate 3 to 4 people, not just 2! Percy is an old, charming, grocer-turning local café outside the city centre. The café is spacious and has a large dining area, private en-suite rooms, and outside patios.

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