Most Dangerous Areas in London

London is famous as The Big Smoke, a booming city famous as Swinging City. The many landmark buildings such as the red phones booth, historical museums, The Great Ben, and Tower Bridge surround the entire city. There are almost two billion tourists in this city. You must be very careful while travelling in and around London borough. The crime rate in London has been increasing day after day. Hence makes some cities of London unsafe for travel.

Top 10 Most Dangerous cities to live in London, United Kingdom

Theft, motor offences, and aggression against persons are the three most frequent crimes in 2022, according to data from the Metropolitan Police.

Knowing your area’s crime statistics helps protect yourself and your business against crime. The current ranking of the Met police uses the latest available information based on recent crime statistics. We have listed the top 10 most dangerous areas in London with a high crime rate.

Borough in London

top 10 most dangerous boroughs in London, United Kingdom

According to some metrics, London is the most fantastic city to live in in the United Kingdom.

The 32 regions known as boroughs make up the majority of the London region. A London borough council is in charge of each Borough. The government established these boroughs on April 1, 1965. Of course, London is well-known for being a tourist destination. It is a truly remarkable destination to visit, live, and work because of its lovely and historic architecture, lush and green spaces, such as along the banks of the River Thames, and standing as a global city with cutting-edge urban infrastructure.

Among the 32 London boroughs, 12 are referred to as inner boroughs, and the remaining 20 as outer boroughs. The London boroughs have an area of 15–150 square kilometres and a population of 1,50,000–3,00,000. The boroughs are divided into inner and outer boroughs based on population size, location, and density. The inner ones have a lower population density than the outer London boroughs. All of these boroughs’ councils are in charge of providing services.

Dangerous Boroughs in London


dangerous areas to live in London, United Kingdom

Croydon is considered to be the most dangerous place in London Borough. This London dangerous borough had the most violent crime rate in 2015, with 1620 reports. It is a central town in London, arguably the most commercial area in Greater London. 

The famous tourist destinations include Croydon museums, the Croydon Museum, Wandle Park, North Norwood Country Park, the Croydon airport visitor centre, green spaces, Kidspace Croydon, etc. With so many crime rates, Croydon is not a good environment for families.

  • Crime Rate in Croydon: 4,781

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top 10 most dangerous areas of London, United Kingdom

East London Newham, with 1,411 violent crimes this year, is the second riskiest Borough in London.

London’s tiniest Borough belongs to Newham.

With 1,000 cases reported in just two months, theft is the second most frequent offence in the area. With 709 violent crimes, car attacks were the third most frequent incidence. The police officers in the city are very smart and talented and always available at the head office.

  • Crime Rate in Newham: 4,733

Tower Hamlets

top 10 most dangerous areas to live in London, United Kingdom

Tower Hamlets, the third-most violent Borough, has reported almost 4,500 violent crimes this year, with 1,337 cases of common violence.

  • Crime Rate in Tower Hamlets: 4,572


dangerous areas in London, United Kingdom - inner and outer London

With 4,192 reported incidents, this South London borough is the fourth most dangerous place in London this year.

With 1,148 reports, violence against the young person was the most often reported occurrence in the municipality. One thousand theft occurrences have been reported.

  • Crime Rate in Southwark: 4,192


dangerous boroughs of London, United Kingdom

Hackney, in East London, is the sixth most dangerous London Borough, according to figures from the Metropolitan Police.

Four thousand one hundred forty reported crimes in the area. Violence against people is the most often reported violent crime, with 1,000 occurrences recorded within two months—additionally, 929 reported theft crimes.

  • Crime Rate in Hackney: 4,140


dangerous places in London, United Kingdom

West London is home to the Borough of Ealing. With 341,806 residents, it is the fourth most populated Borough in London. With well-known locations like the London Transport British Museum Depot, Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery, Walpole Park, Northala Fields, and Hanwell Zoo.

Such a crime rate of 18.31 per 1,000 people makes this place challenging to live in, a little lower than the 18.54 average for London. A total of 6,417 reported criminal events during the first quarter of the year. The security services are a bit low in the Southwest London. You can also get to listen about some other common crimes such as gang crime, drug dealing, violence, bicycle theft, murder mile, acid attacks, etc.

  • Crime Rate in Ealing: 4,073


dangerous areas of London

Lambeth, a borough in South London, is where London’s geographic centre is located. The Royal National Theatre, London Eye, and the Imperial War Museum are some of its well-known landmarks. It is a well-liked tourist and local destination with renowned hotels, bars, and clubs.

Lambeth, sadly, has also been ranked as the tenth most deprived Borough in London, mainly for violent crimes and theft, where there have been 4043 reported offences. Gun and knife crime rates are increasing gradually in this borough of South East London.

  • Crime Rate in Lambeth: 4,043


Westminster, palace oxford street - Waltham Forest - dangerous areas of London, buckingham palace

Some of the most well-known sights in central London are located in Westminster. Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, The Houses of Parliament, Oxford Street, St. James’s Palace, Regent Street, and other iconic British landmarks are just the few things of the country’s most alluring sights. Significantly, the Borough in Inner London has the highest crime rate, with theft and pickpocketing being the large numerous gun crime rates.

  • Crime Rate in Westminster: 4,012


Brent, Most dangerous places in London area - central London

Northwestern London is home to the Borough of Brent Haringey. Well-known for its Gladstone Park, SSE Arena, Wembley Stadium, Roundwood Park, Brent Museum, etc. With 3,971 reported crimes in 2022, assault, theft, and sexual offences are the three most frequent crimes in Brent.

  • Crime Rate in Brent: 3,971


Dangerous Areas in Central London - highest crime rates in the city of London - shakespeare's globe theatre

North London is home to the royal Borough of Haringey. It shares boundaries with six additional boroughs of London. With a 29.58 km2 size and a 270 624 population. With locations including Finsbury Park, The William Morris Gallery, Bruce Castle, and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, Sutton House.

There are several tourist attractions, including Alexandra Palace, etc. In Haringey, violent and sexual offences are the most frequent crimes.

  • Crime Rate in Haringey: 3,935

Some Other Boroughs in London With High Crime Rates:

Kensington and Chelsea:

With 1,010 reported crimes per person in every 2 km, Kensington and Chelsea rank as the 7th most dangerous Boroughs in London out of the 33 boroughs. It demonstrates that crime is not inversely correlated with property value.

Kensington and Chelsea had 121.8 crimes per 1,000 people (19,336 total). The Imperial Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has a relatively high crime rate considering its wealth and prosperity. However, because of its riches, the region is more appealing to criminals, which may contribute to the issue.

Hammersmith and Fulham:

Moving into this Borough is often extremely expensive, but it does not imply there won’t be a crime there; whereas there are over 1000 crimes reported per year in this place.

Part of inner London is Hammersmith and Fulham, which are located in both the southwest and west of the city. The three professional football teams that call it home are Fulham, Chelsea, Fulham, and Queens Park Rangers. Hammersmith and Fulham is a comparatively little borough, with a total area of 6.33 square miles. However, it has a high population density, with an estimated 183 544 residents. Despite their modest size, Hammersmith and Fulham have a high crime rate, with 118.69 crimes reported per 1,000 people in 2021, such as 6,193 theft cases. Barking and Dagenham are other famous landmarks responsible for increasing inner London crime rates.


At 4.7 square miles, Kingston & Chelsea is the smallest Borough in London (12.2 sq. km). The City of London, referred to as the historic centre of London, is the smallest Borough in terms of population. Only 10.9 thousand people are living there.


Tower Hamlets, the Borough with the highest poverty rate in London, has almost 2 in 5 residents, or about a 39 percent poverty rate. Other than this, Newham, Hackney, and Islington are considered poor, with 37%, 36%, and 34% poverty rates.


According to the area, Bromley is the largest Borough in London and one of the safest. Barnet is the biggest of them all, which had 399 thousand residents in 2021. On the other hand, with a size of 44.6 square miles, Hillingdon is the second-largest Borough in North West London. Most of the Borough’s territory is in the countryside, including canals, rivers, woodlands, parks, and other open spaces.


According to these statistics, Croydon is the Borough with the highest crime rate and the most dangerous city so far this year:

Croydon: 4,781, Hamlets: 4,733, Newham: 4,572

London’s Riskiest Locations

Theft, motor offences, and aggression against persons are the three most frequent crimes in 2022, according to data from the Metropolitan Police.

Croydon has proven to be the most deadly Borough in London so far this year.

With 1,617 violent offences this year, Croydon has likewise been the most violent Borough in London.

A total of 790,123 offences were registered between January 2020 and December 2020, according to the police.

The overall number of crimes committed in London in 2019 was 921,211.

Police reported 220,265 violent offences in London in 2020, and 173,491 robberies, making up the second-most crimes.

With 253,469 incidents reported as robberies in 2019 and 222,048 cases of violence against people, robberies were the most common crime.

The enforcement officers work on some of Croydon’s most challenging enforcement matters. Our team takes extra security measures when in London’s most dangerous Borough. We frequently must travel to dimly lit, shadowy locations to remove settlers armed with knives, daggers, and other objects.

So, as part of our responsibility, we must do everything it takes to get rid of them. We ask the police to assist us with the matter if necessary.

Most Dangerous Borough in London in 2022

According to Met Police data from 2022 to the present, Croydon is the most violent city, with 4,781 crimes committed.

With 1,617 violent offences registered so far this year, Croydon is the most violent Borough.

One of Greater London’s leading commercial districts is Croydon, a sizable town in south London. Numerous tourists are drawn to well-known locations, including the Croydon British Museum, Wandle Park, South Norwood Country Park, Croydon Airport Visitor Center, Kidspace Croydon, etc.

Knife Crime in London Borough

The security solutions provided by Shergroup help reduce the number of knife crimes in London. Our security officers are SIA-qualified and have a wealth of expertise in handling challenging circumstances. We also get assistance from the neighbourhood police, making it simpler to regulate individuals and affairs.

A total of 179 knife-related crimes per 1,000 persons were reported in London in 2019–20, which has the highest knife crime rate in the nation. The House of Commons noted that this increase occurred in 2018–19 at 169 per 100,000.

Additionally, at least 100 people were killed in the capital six times a row in 2020. There have already been several events in 2022. In the most recent incident, a 14-year-old boy was fatally stabbed last month in east London. 

Six teens were fatally stabbed in the first three months of 2022, while thousands of other harmful crimes occurred throughout the capital. On March 17, a Walthamstow, England, law student, age 18, was fatally stabbed outside his home on Lea Bridge Road.

On January 25, a 15-year-old boy was attacked with a knife mere yards from his grandmother’s home in Islington.

Safest Areas in London

Businesses like Shergroup, with roots in security and High Court Enforcement, are working to make everyone in London feel safe. If intruders are on your property, we can assist you in evicting them in less than 24 hours. Likewise, if you have an empty commercial property, you can rely on us to keep it guarded.

The areas of London that are the safest are as follows:

  • A total of 54 crimes are committed for every 1,000 residents in Richmond.
  • Bexley: 56 crimes per 1,000 residents.
  • The crime rate in Kingston-upon-Thames is 57 crimes per 1,000 residents.
  • Sutton has a 57 crime per 1,000 population crime rate.
  • Harrow has a 63 crime per 1,000 population crime rate
Poorest Borough In London

Tower Hamlets, Newham, and Hackney are the boroughs with the most significant percentages of residents living in poverty (39, 37, and 36 per cent, respectively).

Largest Borough in London

The largest Borough of London, Kent, is bordered by the borough of Bromley, the farthest southeast of the 32 boroughs that make up Greater London. A preliminary estimate puts the Borough’s population at 332,336.


Has Crime Decreased During the Pandemic in London, United Kingdom?

Despite the pandemic, reports of criminal activity decreased significantly from December 2018 through October 2020 and grew by 7%. It doesn’t mean boosting specific crimes. It was mainly because of the specificities of the pandemic scenario:

  • Few crimes are committed in vacant residences and public locations (such as pickpocketing, gang fights, muggings, etc.).
  • As a result of people being cooped up at home, it has also been predicted that domestic violence has increased, including interpersonal violence between partners or spouses and child abuse.
  • Many people have been experiencing stress and anxiety, which undoubtedly increases the possibility that this type of interpersonal violence will occur. 
  • Therefore, policing has had to shift significantly due to the coronavirus pandemic. Because so many police personnel had been exposed to the coronavirus and became ill, many police agencies were shut down, forcing them to change their enforcement techniques drastically.
  • The cops typically had to handle a variety of emergencies. Additionally, they had not been taking reports as frequently or in person before the pandemic, which meant that many agencies had reported crimes over the phone. It meant there were more health emergencies than the usual types of calls they would be responding to. It might alter their situation because fewer reports would be pouring in.

Therefore it seems likely the pandemic will cause short and extended policy changes. Several cities have slashed the crime rates in real low-level cases, and this will prevent them from going to jail.

Is London Safe?

Being concerned about safety and security is evident when travelling to a new city in a foreign country.

Pickpocketing is an everyday issue in England and Wales as much as elsewhere. As a leading security provider across the country, these types of data help manage risk. The London criminals’ dashboard is needed to put terrorism into context. Second, it helps in our risk assessment or planning operations and lets us know where to look for a criminal offence or violence.

For muggings, the same caution is applicable. Staying alert, avoiding dimly or dark-lighted areas, and avoiding places where you could feel alone and cut off from other people in the community are all wise precautions. Excellent nighttime bus and tube services are available in London, running continuously until the early morning hours. It means that if you require assistance, transport personnel and services will be able to help you.

It highlights how many safety and security measures have been implemented in London.

Which London City has the Most Stabbings?

London’s most violent neighbourhoods are Southwark and Lambeth. London has many other boroughs where guns are used, and crimes are a significant problem. Residents in the locality usually hire security companies who protect their homes from criminal activities.

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