Google Pixelbook 12in – Features, Specifications, Reviews

The process of looking at dozens or thousands of laptops can be difficult to complete. The technology sector is fighting fiercely against each other. They utilize extraordinary market strategies to generate good revenue. It leaves users confused and they were not sure how they should proceed. In a new technology-based era, gadget is a critical component in all industries. Google focuses on developing innovative and exciting gadgets every day. The new Pixel Book laptops have surprised many tech fans. The company provides laptop fans that dissipate minimal heat.

Google Pixelbook is ideal for anyone looking to buy refurbished laptops or computers for business. The laptop has an impressive display of 2400 x 1600 pixels and has a nearly quad-HD pixel count. It also appears very bright, at 420 units. It’s considerably more than a median of 289.7 units. The PixelBook offers an extremely rich color range that is highly effective. It even created an uneven look on his body for Erik Kills’ skin. Pixel books are Google’s latest flagship Chromebook. Besides, Google Assistant has a battery capacity that can reach ten hours of use.

YouTube, Gmail, and Google Drive are all preinstalled on the tablet. Elegant aluminum design and backlighting on the keyboard. It automatically updates and is incredibly stable because it runs Chrome OS.

The Google GA00122-US is 0.4 inches thick and only 2.5 kilos in weight. The GA00122-US is lighter and smaller than the Samsung Chromebook Pro and Apple iPad Pro, and it weighs less than the Lenovo Yoga 920 and Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA. The keyboard with backlighting is simple to use and has a gorgeous metal body with a Cornrilla Glass screen.


Screen Size12.3 inches
Hard Disk Size128 GB
RAM memory Installed Size 8 GB
Operating System Chrome OS
Card DescriptionIntegrated
Graphics CoprocessorHD615
CPU speed 3.3 GHz
Battery Life 12 hours
Warranty1 year
Turn on time Less than 10 seconds
Google Assistant Yes it does support
Pen Stylus Pen Support
Communication Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Display 2400 x 1600 resolution and 360 degrees

Different Features of Google Pixelbook 12in

  • Light weight
  • Automatic updating software
  • Fast charging
  • Virus protection
  • Available Entertainment Modes
  • USB type C ports
  • Intel core I5 processor
  • Microsd card reader
  • Lithium ion Battery
  • High performance chromebook
  • High resolution display
  • Extensive storage options
  • Comes with Google assisstant
  • Amazing webcam quality
  • Sleek design

Google Pixelbook 12in Display and Design

Stylish and solidly constructed, the Google Pixelbook is a Chromebook that attracts attention. It is completely white with a glossy glass top that looks nice in a distinctive way, setting it apart from the competition. There is a silver-colored G logo on the rear of the lid, and the bezels around the display are slim. Even the power button has undergone the Google makeover and has been transformed into a long, thin slab of aluminum with a tiny LED light implanted inside of it.

One of the best laptop displays is the 12.3-inch, 3:2 aspect ratio model. Although it doesn’t have as many pixels as some 4K panels, it is still sharp enough for daily use. Wide viewing angles are available, and the colors are accurate and bright. The glossy surface isn’t great for use in direct sunlight, which is the sole drawback.

A full-sized keyboard with lighted keys that are evenly spaced is available on the Pixelbook. Long durations of typing can be done with ease thanks to the keys’ good travel and circular shape. The trackpad on the Chromebook is sizable, snappy, and supports all the typical movements.

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Google Pixelbook 12in Software and Operating System

The Pixelbook 12in uses Chrome OS, a Linux-based OS developed by Google. Chrome is very user-friendly and offers several advantages. It includes Google Chrome, Doc, Sheets, & many more features in the package. This is able to communicate directly with Google phones which is very helpful.

The automatic software updates automatically help users. The software offers access to Android Apps in the Play Store and allows you to access more games and information applications.

It features Google’s own Chrome Operating System, which uses the Linux platform developed by Google. It provides easy usage and many useful features. Pixelbooks 12in has a built-in Android platform that allows users to install Android apps on the Google Play Store, enabling you to access many apps.

Google Pixelbook 12in Performance

Google Pixelbooks are laptops with 12 inches of width. This computer runs a Core i7 processor with 16GB RAM. Pixelbooks also have high-quality SSDs and a large screen.

A high-end laptop with excellent features and performance is the Google Pixelbook 12 in. You can use the laptop in a variety of positions thanks to the 360-degree hinge and responsive touch-screen display.

Good speed and power are provided by the Intel Core I5 processor, and smooth multitasking is ensured by the 8GB of RAM. Your files and data can be stored in plenty of space thanks to the 128GB Solid State Drive. In general, those looking for a laptop with high performance and features can consider the Google Pixelbook 12in.

Google Pixelbook 12in Layout

The 12″ Google Pixelbook has classical fascination; It resembles a 1000-pound Laptop. The clothes are chic and will attract attention. Its unique design draws in more visitors. Smooth, simple top backscreen with aluminum shell together with Google logo.

The rubber pad under the keyboard and the elegant transparent glass used for trackpads are attractive. The keyboard is assisted by a backlit keyboard enabling smooth writing even under low light conditions. The illumination on the keyboard makes it easier to type smoothly even in dim light. It features glassy wide trackpads which help in the fast and easy operation.

The Google Pixelbook 12in is a classic marvel; it weighs as much as a thousand pounds. This is classy enough to attract attention. Users are most attracted by its stunning appearance.

The smooth, unadorned top of the back screen has an aluminum outer shell with the Google logo on it. It looks better because of the sleek, translucent glass used for the trackpad and the rubber pad underneath the keyboard. The power button is a specially designed Google button made of a thin aluminum slab with a bright light integrated into it.

Google Pixelbook 12in Battery Life

The 12.3-inch Google Pixelbook 12in is a 2.4-pound powerful and portable Chromebook with a 12.3-inch display. With a starting price of $999, it is the first laptop to be sold with Google’s ChromeOS. The body of the Chromebook is made of glass and aluminum, and the keyboard is backlit.

The Google Pixelbook’s battery life is one of its key selling factors. When utilized for web browsing, video playback, or office work, the laptop’s battery life is said to last up to 10 hours. According to our observations, the battery life was closer to 7-8 hours when used for routine business activities like online browsing and working on Google Docs.

The Pixelbook features 12 screens and lithium-ion batteries. Battery life is listed for 10 hours depending on the usage. The Pixelbook includes a USB-C charger to charge the device, as well as connect to another device. The battery life is very good with the Google Pixelbook. It can be used in basic activities such as web browsing or word editing.

In addition, the power consumption of a computer can be reduced if it can be accessed through an internet connection via a mobile phone. The Pixelbook is a powerful device. It can easily wake out of deep sleep and can tackle challenging tasks like video editing and games with ease. Besides the battery life, the battery lasts about 12 hours on one charge.

A 41-Watt Lithium battery powers the Google Pixelbook 12in and provides up to 10 hours of continuous operation. Streaming and gaming obviously quickly drain the battery. A light and hall sensor are also included.

Google Pixelbook 12in Pricing and Availability

Google’s Pixelbook can be purchased in its entirety through the Google store, Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H Photography. The Google Pixelbook 12in is priced at $99 and comes with the Intel Core processor and 128-GB SSD storage. A 256 MB SSD and a 16-inch HDD can provide up to 256 Mbps of storage. Its cheapest model costs 17549 and is based on an 8-core Intel i5 CPU with 32GB of RAM.

For the basic 12-inch laptop, the price is 99 dollars with a Core CPU, 8 GB RAM, and 16 GB storage. It has 16 GB of RAM, 16 GB of RAM, and 512 GB SSD and costs $269. It is a top-tier Chromebook that is much cheaper than the HP Chromebooks 13 XL and 14 XL for work, but its cheapest option is much higher.

Stunning 360 Degree Touch Screen

One of the amusing features of the Google Pixelbook is the Glass Trackpad. Due to the availability of both single and multi-hand gestures, the touch experience is fluid. According to reviews, it has the best touch and keyboard. It Is Appropriate For The Work Environment Due To Accurate Touch. The majority of thin laptops have issues with their touch capabilities.

The Google Pixelbook, however, stands out because it provides a satisfying touch screen experience. The new Google Pixelbook 12.2in one convertible laptop provides a variety of touch option to the users, all of which you can experience vibrancy and power touch.


Pixelbook 12in is powered via C USB, SD card readers, and head connectors. This product provides many different connectivity options due to the wider side panel. Wireless connectivity supports Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11 ac wireless LAN. The downsides include no Plugin-a-type USB cable. There’s no HDMI port for the LCD to be mirrored.

Good Voice and Camera Quality

The Google Pixel Book Has Exceptional and Effective Voices. It’ll guarantee a fun gaming experience. But Students Will Also Benefit From It. You won’t have to miss any classes, and you may use the recorded sessions to learn useful information. Next, there is a webcam with a 1080p resolution. You may see and capture high-quality images as a result.

Memory and Storage

All gadgets can be classified according to storage and memory. It has 8 or 16GB RAM and 128 GB 256 or 512 GB hard disk. The internal storage of this figure would be better. Storage upgrade options can be obtained through the use of SD cards as standard. Afterward, there are many free downloads to watch on your laptop offline.

The Revolutionary Pixelbook Pen

It’s crucial to use the Pixelbook Pen to maximize the use of your Google Pixelbook. The Pixelbook stylus is a great purchase. This stylus offers numerous pressure settings and responses which makes more helpful pen. You can present your creativity using a pen. If you enjoy sketching, making the investment in a busy stylus to go with your Pixelbook is wise.

A smooth experience is provided by the simple virtual print of the pen. By pressing it, the pen’s thickness can be raised. The Google Pixel Book has all the features that improve its quality. It can be used for office work, taking notes, and drawing.

Google Pixelbook 12in: Pros and Cons


  • Android is supported with good performance by Intel’s 7th generation.
  • Higher pixel density
  • Sleek design 
  • Great Keyboard


  • Low Battery Timing
  • Very Expensive
  • Bad Audio
  • Critical security issues result from a lack of biometric security support.

Reasons to Buy Google Pixelbook 12in

Here Are Some Reasons To Buy The Google Pixelbook 12in:


The primary and most significant factor in choosing to buy a Google Pixelbook 12in. The laptop is also lightweight. In addition to its mass, it has a slim design. However, the laptop’s body is quite sturdy and made of aluminum. The laptop can therefore be used while travelling.

The Creator is Google

Google Is A Reputable Business Around the World. The Other Products of Google Are Well-Known Worldwide. The software and gadgets that one uses are easy to use. The Google Pixelbook 12in Also Comes With Another In Google Assistant. With all of the most recent Google Apps, it functions well. In addition, Pixelbook will be informed of everything the business has to offer.

Chrome And Android Apps

The Google Chromebook has a unique feature, first and foremost. It is a single laptop that supports both Android and Chrome apps. This eliminates the requirement for hardware switching when using multiple applications. Additionally, the Pixelbook works flawlessly with the Android version of Microsoft Office. If you buy a Pixelbook, you won’t have to stop using Word or Excel.

Google Pixelbook 12in Review

In light of the Google Pixelbook’s 12in Chromebook Review, let’s get to know this powerful Chromebook. This is the first laptop to come equipped with Google Assistant. Its long-lasting battery can operate for more than 10 hours, and because it charges quickly, you can get two hours of use out of it in just 15 minutes.

The 4-in-1 design may be customized to meet your demands whether you use tablets, laptops, or entertainment systems. access to your preferred applications, including YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Slim and lightweight, the Pixelbook measures 10.3 millimeters and weighs 2.45 lbs.

It comes with a backlit keyboard, a 12.3″ 360-degree touchscreen display, and a sleek aluminum body with Corning Gorilla Glass detail. Because the gadget runs on Chrome OS and receives regular software upgrades, the most recent version will keep you safe from malware.

Google’s Pixelbook12 is an expensive Chromebook that was introduced in October 2017. The first Chromebooks were designed with pixel books as their primary device. The phone costs $900 and can be used on high-end laptops and tablets alike. The Google Pixelbooks have a 12.3 inch 2400×600 resolution. It uses a Core i5 processor and has 8GB of RAM. The laptop contains 32 GB, but users have only 24 MB. The device also has a 3.5mm headphone port and two USB Type C jacks. The best feature of a Pixelbook is its battery life.

Google Pixelbook 12in Known Problems

Google has made this Pixelbook a great laptop. These are some common issues people have about this device. Many customers report problems with trackpads that seem very finicky. Sometimes things work very well but some do not respond well to input. It can get frustrating, particularly if the job demands quick completion. Another common complaint concerns audio quality. Some users said it was tinny and didn’t seem clear. Having problems viewing video or music is often a challenge on Pixelbooks. Several people have experienced difficulties with battery life.

Final Verdict

The Pixelbook from Google is a stunning computer and is 12 inches wide. Clearly, the construction quality was excellent and a great amount of thought went into the design. The trackpads are enormous and accurate, and the keyboard is quite comfortable. The PixelBook has an operating system: Chrome OS which reflects the way an e-book should be run and provides unique features.

It’s simple to use, and your files can be saved on the Internet and accessible using a web browser at any time. The Pixel notebook is a great laptop combining powerful hardware and software experience for a high-end user experience.


Has Google released its latest technology, the Pixelbook 12in?

There have been times of using only laptop PCs for intensive computing tasks. Laptops are reportedly an option for users with an internet connection. There are numerous laptop models available. It possesses several attractive qualities. However, today we are able to perform well using a laptop. They are designed for many purposes. But those features are large, and heavy. No more. Users have gotten the best laptop for task management which is lightweight. These categories include the PixelBook 12 Inch.

Is Microsoft Office Compatible with Pixelbooks?

On a Google Pixelbook laptop, Microsoft Office is used. The laptop may also be used to open, edit, and upload files. Microsoft Office files can also be converted using it. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files can therefore be used in Pixelbook.

Can a Pixelbook Run Windows 10?

The Google Pixelbook 12in works with Windows 10. It is a somewhat uncommon Google device that supports Windows. The only downside is the small amount of storage space.

Do Pixelbooks Support Android Apps?

The Google Pixelbook Supports Both Android And Chrome Apps, as Previously Mentioned In An Article. As a result, Pixelbook users could easily download and use Android apps. Android applications can also be downloaded via the Google Play Store and are used offline. On the Pixelbook 12, you may listen to music and watch movies. 

What Makes this Laptop Different from Others?

The Pixelbook is an excellent laptop that has many impressive functions. Among its more interesting attributes is its 180-degree hinge. You can use your laptop in different ways – it is great when you are on a trip! A 512MB storage card is available for Google Pixelbooks. Despite this specification, it can handle challenging applications and multitasking. The Pixelbooks have a 12-inch touchscreen display. The computer interacts more naturally.

Is the Pixelbook Go Worth it in 2022?

Pixelbooks Go ranks 3rd on our list of Best Notebooks 2020. The Chromebook has a low-power keyboard and longer battery life making it ideal for use every day. Although able to play video games or web browsing, it isn’t capable of heavy photo editing or video games.

Does the Pixelbook have Bluetooth Connectivity?

The 12-inch Google Pixelbook comes with Bluetooth. It Suggests that Pixelbook accessories are interactable. In other words, a mouse, headphones, and keyboard may all be used with the Pixelbook.

Is Google Pixelbook Discontinued?

The Chrome OS Pixel is one of those that have remained special in the hearts of Chrome OS fans since its release in 2013. This was a preview not purely a product but a glimpse into the future Chromebook market. However, the Pixelbooks line has not changed.

The development team for Google’s Pixelbook laptop’s next version has been canceled. It doesn’t mean it won’t come into the market instead it will not come soon. According to a person acquainted with the situation, the project was canceled as a result of recent cost-cutting measures implemented by Google. The device was well along in the development process and was scheduled to launch next year.

Which is Better Chromebook or Pixelbook?

The tablet is sharper and brighter, with bigger and faster touchpads, and has a better webcam. The computer has even higher-performance CPUs and is capable of handling larger workloads. The PixelBook Go has a longer life for more productivity.

How to Use Google Assistant on Pixelbook 12in?
  • Activate Google Assistant.
  • Choose the time in the lower right corner.
  • Open Settings.
  • Choose Search and Assistant from the left menu.
  • Open Google Assistant from the list under “Search and Assistant.”
  • Activate Google Assistant.
  • Turn on “Hey Google” to activate the Assistant with your voice.

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