25 Best Things to Do in Tenby this Weekend

Tenby is a beautiful & historic fishing town in Wales. Perched on a picturesque hilltop in Pembrokeshire, this is the most beautiful city on the seafront in West Wales. You see, this town has some exciting places that suit everyone, and they also have historical castles, sandy beaches, and many delicious dining areas. Honestly, you will find plenty of great things to do at Tenby on a trip. It offers something for everyone, including historical castles, sand beaches, and many delectable restaurants.

The city has several Blue Flag beaches, which cover primarily intact 13th-century stone walls. The old trading centre of Tenby Harbour has now lined with charming and colourful houses filled with delicious cafes and delicious dining. Adding to this a ruinous castle, a tidal fortress, theme parks, and a holy Island, it is not hard to see how Tenby has become an important tourist destination. When you go to Wales, the best beach in Tenby, check out the rest of the listings. They may surprise you!

In all honesty, there are so many great things to do in Tenby that you won’t know where to start.

A List of 25 Best Things to Do in Tenby

Beautiful Beaches

Find the perfect place to spend quality time with your child on Tenby’s beautiful beaches. Besides the charming Harbour Beach, three other beaches are Castle Beach, North Beach, and South Beach – take your decision.

Tenby Castle Beach

Castle Beach, a Sunday Times Beach of the Year, is a little yet nicely sculpted beach. Use the convenient slipway to descend to this Blue Flag beach, feel the gentle sand beneath your toes, and dip in the shallow water to cool off. This energetic little beach, especially well-liked by families, is the perfect location for playing with the kids. Plus, fabulous ice cream is nearby!

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Barafundle Beach

Barafundle beach is a popular tourist attraction near the town of Tenby. Golden soft sandy beach and crystal-clear seas are flanked by rocky hills on both sides and backed by dunes with pine trees creating an idyllic environment. The bay is very protected, and the waves are typically small, which is ideal for young families.

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North & South Beach

Ideally, large and sandy beaches will be your first choice. North beach is located near the harbour, and South beach extends Castle Beach if tides drop. The beach at Tenby is undoubtedly one of the most popular attractions in the city. Relax and have a fantastic view, build a beach castle or play water sports. Tenby Water Sport combines adrenaline-filled jetskis with a chilled-out kayak for an easy way out of town.

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Tenby Theme Parks

Tenby is filled with great places to spend your weekend holiday with your family. It has many theme parks, including Folly Farm Adventure Park, Oakwood Theme Park, Dinasour Park, and National Park Centre.

Spend Time with the Animals at Folly Farm Adventure Park

It is the location to be if you love animals. Welcome to more than 100 species of wildlife, such as majestic lions, sly penguins, and endangered rhinos. Additionally, for any Peppa fans in the family—there must be one or two—at the barn, your little ones can meet the adorable, fluffy rabbits, tiny horses, and even pigs!

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Enjoy some thrill-seeking at Oakwood Theme Park.

Visit Oakwood Theme Park and meet Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Charlie Bucket, and all your favourite fairytale characters. A fun-filled amusement park with tonnes of inviting rides and a dash of fantasy! Also, did you know that it is Wales’ largest theme park? Unquestionably, it’s a must-see attraction!

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National Park Centre

Spend your time on the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park from this friendly centre and store. It is situated in the five archipelagos, the fortress on the impressive Medieval wall of Tenby. The beach offers secluded beaches and a variety of fun outdoor activities for kids if they wish.

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The Streets of Tenby

Tenby is an endless network of paths passing through lovely pastel homes. It will take no longer to walk nearly every street of the old Georgia city centre, but keep an eye on the highlights. Tudor Merchants House has been a landmark in Tenby for almost 500 years.

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Manorbier & Shrinkle Haven

If you don’t go to Manorbier for surfing lessons, you should go. Manorbier Castle has a prime location on the shore and consists of medieval castle turrets surrounded by a fairytale garden. Manicured grasses blend beautifully with the crumbling castle walls.

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It isn’t the prettiest area in Tenby, but it screams action, especially at dawn. All cruise ships depart at Tenby Harbour at Sea. Take part in local fishery trips to catch mackerel, sail at sunset, and see the coastline in the evening. Wilderness tours offer a chance to see puffins, razorbills, gannets, and occasionally seals. 

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St Govan’s Chapel

St Govan Chapel is a small house that measures just 19 x 12. The gap in the cliff makes this an enjoyable activity near Tenby.

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Paddleboard or Kayak in the Bay

While Tenby has a worn natural charm many find very appealing, its biggest attraction has to be the beautiful landscape surrounding the bay’s shoreline. Tenby has a fantastic opportunity to see the city from another perspective.

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Tenby Pembrokeshire Coast Around Stackpole

This 3-hour hike in southwestern Oregon has many advantages and disadvantages for visitors. This tour explores some of Pembrokeshire’s most beautiful seaside towns and the idyllic estate grounds.

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Castle Headland

Tenby Castle sits on an imposing promontory near both beaches in this city. It was constructed in the 1280s by Normans and was constantly attacked, sacked, and captured during the next 100 years. The city walls were built at the end of the 13th, and the moat expanded in the 15th. Tenby Castle remains a ruined tower from the 13th century.

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Caldey Island

Worth considering a cruise on Caldey Island. Its habitat is filled with seal and bird life and contains a cult of Cistercians. For thousands of years, monks prayed and lived peacefully on this distant shore. It has some exciting things that make this a wonderful place to be found in Tenby.

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Five Arches Gate

In the past, Tenby was a fortified seaside settlement guarded by an intimidating wall to keep out intruders. Many portions of this wall still exist; you can easily see them when exploring the narrow lanes.

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It doesn’t exist like Hay-On-Wye. It has no endorsements or celebrity chef endorsements, and it is not very attractive. It has, however, gotten its reputation as a wealthy distributor of good local products.

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St Catherine’s Island

St Catherine's Island around tenby

Castle Beach is also a beautiful beach located beneath castle walls. When tides recede, the sand is almost covered, but the tide turns back to create a golden sweep that leads onto a walkable route. How does one go on foot to an island? In any case, St. Catherine’s transforms into a tidal island at low tide (much like Holy Island), and it’s simple to wander over the sandy banks. Once you arrive, explore the historic property a bit.

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Walk a section of the coastal path at the Green Bridge of Wales and St Govans Chapel.

Pembrokeshire coastal path provides one of the most enjoyable coastal walks in Wales. Just inside Tenby, a section of the trail offers two incredible sights. St Gova’s is a precarious church built on limestone cliffs.

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Stroll the Tenby Harbour at Sunset

A visit to Tenby is complete if one visits Tenby Harbor. Often called the Jewel of Pembrokeshire Throne, this harbour has vibrant buildings, cafés, and restaurants. The port is an excellent starting point for a boat trip to the Caldey Islands.

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Freshwater West

Although you can hit waves in Tenby, 30 minutes west, there’s a fantastic surfing beach in Britain. Freshwater West facing the Atlantic rollers head-on, is considered one of the best consistent surf destinations with the ability to hold waves above 1 meter.

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Pembroke Castle

Tenby is home to a handful of beaches and is ideal for sailing, drinking, and scavenging ice cream. A sand castle with a moat can be created in these sites and filled with the incoming tide. Wales has stunningly preserved defence-fortified fortifications. Pembroke Castle doesn’t make any exceptions as it is the oldest Norman castle in Britain and was built in the 11th century. Founded by Heinrich VI, it stands over the Pembroke river.

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Explore Manorbier Castle

If one wants a much larger castle than the destroyed tower at Castle Hill, the Castle of Monorbier is a must-see destination. Manorbier Castle is set on a clifftop overlooking Manorbier Beach.

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See the Tudor Merchant’s House

The Victorian Tudor Merchant’s House lies in a cobbled street in Tenby near the harbour. It was built in the 15th century by an established merchant. For Tenby, the year 1500 was a highly eventful one. With the West Country, Spain, and Portugal, the port experienced heavy sea traffic. Henry Tudor became King Henry VII of England in 1485 when the Lancastrians triumphed in the Wars of the Roses.

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Tenby Museum and Art Gallery

Once you enjoy the best views of Castle Hill from the water, head to Tenby museums and galleries. It is the oldest independent museum in Wales and presents the historical life of Tenby and its inhabitants from the 10th century to the 21st century. There are several other exciting galleries on its grounds.

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Heatherton World of Activities

Find adrenaline-filled things to do near Tenby at Heatherton World. This place is delightful for the whole family, with activities like a High rope trail & escape room, Bumperboat & Zorbing. The entry fee to Heatherton is minimal and supports credit-based programs so it may be more than necessary. Tickets need to be booked by phone or email before completing the visit.

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St Mary’s Church

St Mary’s Church is a beautiful church on Upper Frog Street with a tall narrow spire. The main area dates back to the 15th century, one of the city’s heydays. The Interior is spacious, with carved ceiling bosses.

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Is Tenby worth visiting?

Tenby is an imposing fishing village in Wales that is very historic. Located in the beautiful region of Tenby Pembrokeshire, it is the most picturesque beach town in West Wales. On the Pembrokeshire coast, high atop the natural cliffs, is the charming walled village of Tenby. Tenby, west of Swansea, is a well-liked and welcoming family vacation spot in Wales.

Which is Better North Beach or South Beach Tenby?

The beach was honoured with an award for its beaches. South beach is less commercialised than North beach yet still has several shops on the north side of the beach as well as several shops.

North Beach is the Tenby Beach that most immediately comes to mind. Given that this is undoubtedly the UK’s most popular photo subject. A golden sandy beach with rock pools and the commanding Goskar Rock may be seen at Tenby North Beach.

Can you Walk on the Beach from Saundersfoot to Tenby?

You may travel between beaches by following the Pembrokeshire coastal route, about 3-5 miles.

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