20 Best Rental Websites UK for Properties

Finding rental properties in the UK might be challenging for working people who can’t make out time to search for apartments or properties. Knowing where to search and pitch is crucial whether you’re trying to locate a flatmate, neighbourhood, or want to publicise a spare room.

To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of the top rental websites in the UK, so you can choose the one that best suits you to rent UK property. This blog has the solutions you’re looking for, whatever they may be.

How To Consider Which Website Is the Best Rental Site in the UK?

At first, it might not be obvious which rental website will be helpful in your search for UK property for rent. It depends on many variables, including your budget, ideal location, low crime rate, travel time, preferred style, and property size.

You should be able to get an idea of every addition to the list from the little introductions we provided. But it’s important to note that many websites offer information on various locations, types of property, travel time, and their advantages. Don’t dismiss our list too fast because it comprises leading companies that offer a wide array of rental properties and apartments.

Try these websites if you’re looking for a specific rental property or apartment or a response to a question:

Best Rental Websites UK:


Right Move- Best renting websites UK for rental property

The largest online real estate property website in the UK, Rightmove, has covered the vast majority of houses on the market. You can choose between various UK property types such as if you are looking for a monthly rent property or pet- friendly properties; they have it all in their website.

They have developed a more accessible competitive edge to improve the ease and quality of clients’ home searches and moves.

It is uncommon to find the best place to live in. Many private landlords ask to pay too much for their property. Finding a perfect property portal that is supportive of client demands and open to innovation, yet Rightmove offers this to its clients. You’ll be content and glad you worked with them.

They have a vast library of original listing that will help with your search criteria about finance, mortgages, buying or selling real estate, etc. Additionally, you can use their website to check for market trends on different search engine.

Rightmove allows you to search using filters, including price range, property type, waterside properties, brand new accomodations, new properties in specific area, and date on the property site. Also you can interact with your interested property owners and make your best deals.

You can quickly determine if a house is within your price range by looking at the cost per week and month on the property listings. Not all rental property websites offer this helpful feature. However, if you are a student and on the task of house hunting Rightmove allows you to search only for student housing that will charge average rent.


Best Rental Websites UK, best renting websites UK

The UK’s largest property portal for finding apartments and properties is Zoopla, which not only shows you available houses but also indicates the number of rentals available in a given location and properties in the same area where you work with the average rent.

Zoopla also shows you the distance to neighbouring train stations and the expected cost of your monthly expenses, which are all helpful features.

You can use keywords to refine your property search on Zoopla, one of the leading rental websites in the UK, to narrow down options which is super easy to access. For instance, if you search for additional requirements like parking space, spare rooms, near rail stations, garden, or garage, only Zoopla will only show rental homes that also include all of these.

Recently, Zoopla revamped its website into a stunning, user-friendly platform and added Prime Location to its offerings. Zoopla also offers all the information related to the property owners, their contact details. These can serve as helpful building blocks for investors who want to add more investments to their portfolios.

Zoopla is second only to Rightmove in terms of the number of users it attracts each month to browse its inventory of properties, with over 50 million. Landlords must find a professional managing agent to list on Zoopla because it is only open to letting agents, like its primary rival.


Largest Property Portal in the Rental Market, best renting sites uk

One of the most excellent rental websites across the UK is Gumtree since you may search for houses by specific criteria, such as “1 bedroom private flat,” when looking for properties to rent. Users can also set filters, such as the weekly rent price, the type of property, or whether they only want to see urgent or visually appealing ads. 

Gumtree is much more than a rental website because it allows you to look for various goods for sale or Rent. It implies that you may locate a rental home and its furnishings in one location!


best websites for renting in uk

Individuals looking for properties to rent can post free adverts on the rental website SpareRoom, as can those who have extra space and are searching for flatmates or tenants. They assert that they are the most occupied website of their sort and that someone finds a roommate on their site every three minutes.

You can use filters on SpareRoom to narrow down your search results. For instance, you can specify whether you wish to rent a room solely on the weekends or if your household is vegetarian.


best websites for uk apartments

By posting available rental homes 24 hours or more before other websites do so, the OnTheMarket website gives you effortless results over rival websites.

Additionally, they publish countless new rental properties each month, offering you a wide range of possibilities.

Their app has made it incredibly simple to view houses for sale through letting agents.

All you have to do to set a time that works for you and the letting agents is to determine whether to schedule a physical viewing of the property or room you have found.

Additionally, you may set up an alert based on the type of apartment you are looking for, the specific location, the area, and the price point, and they will notify you as soon as the chance arises.

Find a Hood

best renting websites uk

For potential landlords and tenants who perhaps truly understand what they want or have no idea what they’re searching for, Find A Hood is a helpful resource. An innovative compatibility quiz compares the responses provided by its respondents to the website’s algorithm.

There are many significant issues brought up that you would typically consider for investing in regions. It covers employment statistics, crime rates, and tenant preferences like religion.

Users are compared to properties based on this information that suits their needs. It is beneficial to market your property to a specific demographic.


best rent websites uk

Users can either advertise a room for Rent or look for one on RoomGo, formerly EasyRoomate. You can build a profile with information about yourself if you’re searching for a room, such as the highest Rent you can afford and the soonest date you’ll be able to start renting. Additionally, you can send viewing requests for homes and get alerts when a room matches your specifications.  

Like other rental services, you can post an ad for a room for free, with the opportunity to pay and upgrade to a premium membership if you choose. All you need to do is type in the property’s address, complete a few questions, and submit!


best rental websites uk

Compared to the other rental websites on this list, Nestoria is a little different. This tool’s role as a property search aggregator allows renters to access a massive list of properties featured on all portals.

Users are directed to the source portal for complete transparency when they click on a listing. Users have the option of saving their search preferences to their accounts. Nestoria can use this information to notify them when properties that meet their criteria become available.


best rent websites uk

Open Rent won’t charge you unnecessary admin fees or hidden expenses because their goal is to make renting effortless, ethical, and cheaper for everyone. 

Imagine a website where you can rent a home with no admin fees, dead listings, a pre-deposit, and security rent. Sadly, these problems turn customers away from most rental websites.

Because Open Rent makes it simple for you to find the ideal home and landlord, you feel secure and more in the authority of the selection process.

Additionally, they offer search filters for groups typically disregarded by rental websites, such as those for children, pets, and students.


ideal flatmate- best uk rental sites

The best option for you as a student or limited earner would be to share an apartment with another person considering the cost of decent apartments across the UK, particularly in metropolitan areas like London. By seeking the compatible flatmates, the Ideal Flatmate website assists you in accomplishing this.

The decision to live in a flat-share involves sharing more than simply a residence; it allows people to share their life with another person. It would help if you had an agency like this to identify the correct roommates and make the stay safer. It is one of the best property portals for those who are on house hunting for new flatmate with huge list of properties in different areas in UK.

With a cutting-edge compatibility test, Ideal Flatmate assists you in finding the ideal roommate. So, if you’re interested in learning more about this assessment, visit their website.


best renting sites uk across rental market

Users of RoomMates have the option of looking for a roommate or a flatmate. Users can pick which neighbourhood they want to live in on the rental website, which primarily focuses on London. You can also choose your chosen demographic to live with using the search filters, such as students, professionals, etc.

RoomMates also offers a function called SMART agent, which searches for the ideal match for you around the clock and notifies you when one is discovered. Through RoomMates, users may interact with their matches.

Prime Location

best rental websites uk

One of the best real estate websites in the UK, Prime Location, focuses on assisting people in the middle and upper classes in finding their next cosy residence.

The UK’s top letting and estate agents offer all the available properties on this website. This website is a valuable tool for renting or purchasing the property of your choice.

This website is a popular destination for people looking to buy or rent homes, with over 5 million visitors each month.


best renting sites across the uk

This website is a UK estate agent with available properties located throughout the UK. Your Move is committed to providing users with the best outcomes.

They follow a clear communication protocol and pay attention to their customers to understand and fulfil their requests. They are also subject to regulation under the Estate Agent Act of 1979, so you know you can rely on them for your security and privacy.


best renting sites uk

Although MoveBubble is essentially an app, it still has online features. MoveBubble updates its app frequently—more frequently than its rivals with their websites—based on user feedback.

It also includes guides based on the many places it has rental houses and a popular pet searching function similar to OpenRent.


best rent websites uk

When a property is discovered, Rentify is distinct from other rental services in that it often strives to assist tenants and landlords. By joining Rentify, tenants can consolidate their monthly payments into one simple payment method, improve their credit score with each rent payment, and more.

For landlords, Rentify covers the costs of upkeep and insurance and will cover the Rent if the property is left unoccupied or if the renter doesn’t pay.

Rightmove will be accessed if you want to view the properties, as Rentify only covers London at this time


follow us for best rental apartments in uk

Like Nestoria, BuildToRent is a property search aggregator. However, it specialises in observing recent trends. It enables potential renters looking for new construction to speak with landlords directly.

Nestoria is an excellent option if you plan to swiftly lease a portfolio of new construction properties that you acquire.


Another free listing site, OneDome, places a strong focus on a variety of features that aid customers in narrowing their search.

Prospective tenants might take advantage of things like excellent schools and low-crime neighbourhoods.

Several local guides are also available to help tenants and landlords from other areas become familiar with the fundamentals.

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Users browsing the urban marketplaces will find Residential People the perfect site. It is yet another free-to-list portal with an intuitive UI that allows consumers to search by criteria such as furnishing status. It might be beneficial if you are a homeowner specialising in apartments or houses in the city centre.


choice of letting agents

Another well-known platform with free listing costs is NetHousePrices, which joined OneDome in 2019. Initially concentrating on sales, it enlarged into the industry’s rental sector due to rising demand.

It has a top search tool that lets landlords see what consumers want on the platform; this function is great for identifying specific demand. Users can perform a general search for properties and more specific searches by selecting the “Advanced Search option”.


best in the rental market

Rooms For Let gives you access to homes and rooms throughout the UK. It includes a long list of houses that are available for Rent.

This website makes it quick and simple to rent a place with more than a thousand listings for houses, extra rooms, and house shares.



The most progressively asked question these days. The UK, real estate market is presently going through a downturn that has not been seen in many years. As a result, many individuals who might be searching for a new home are unclear if this is the ideal time to purchase.

Yes, currently is the best moment to buy a home. Housing costs have fallen more than they have been in years, so a home that could have cost £200,000 five years ago might now be available for £100,000. It is not an exaggeration; buyers can now find great deals due to the sharp decline in housing costs. Additionally, by buying a home today, you might be able to avoid the situation many people have who bought it several years ago. As a result, if you’re buying a home at a low price, you won’t have negative equity.

Although mortgage interest rates and home prices are historically low, obtaining a mortgage has grown significantly more challenging. Due to the economic slump, banks and mortgage lenders have tightened their loan and interest rates criteria. It implies that you will now need to demonstrate, based on your typical spending habits, that you can finance the monthly mortgage payments and have a regular income source.


Due to the downturn in the housing market, many homeowners are seeking alternative selling methods, with some even handling the process themselves selling your house privately rather than through an estate agent has many benefits.

In contrast to an estate agency, where you are likely to be unfamiliar with the advertisement of your house, you can rest assured that your home is always actively being marketed. It is the most an estate agent will do for you, but you will have to pay them for it. You can acquire your exterior signs and find a business specialising in private home sales to handle online advertisements. You can even put your selling properties in newspapers to advertise the sale and let people know you have a home up for sale; you can do it for free on social networking sites.

Another significant benefit of selling your home on your own is that you avoid paying an estate agent’s commission, which is frequently hundreds of pounds. As opposed to an estate agent who likely did very little to help you sell your house, you will keep more of this money.


People are confused about investing their hard earn money to make a profit and keep it safe because the entire country is experiencing an economic crisis. Property is always considered a wise investment, but with low prices and no sign of when they will rise again, many people wonder if buying in the UK is wise.

You will likely pay more when buying a house abroad, but should you decide to sell it in the future, the property will be worth more than anything else. Investing in a vacation house is a wise move, so you can travel every weekend and spend quality time with your family and friends. 

If you own a vacation house, you may also make money from it by renting it out to travellers or businesses while not using it for yourself. Rent paid for using your home will ensure that you continue to make a profit. You will continue to generate a profit as long as your home is rented.

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