10 Best Rental Websites for London Apartments

We’ve seen how difficult to find a new place when you have moved hundreds of miles across different countries or cities to live in London, UK. Before shifting to a new apartment, it is best to prepare yourself with the correct information. That’s why we’ve put together the most extensive guide you’ll ever need. 

Whether you are looking for a room that is affordable or a luxury one, we’ve got you covered. Our list of best rental websites for London will help you find a perfect rental property in London, UK. 

10 Best Rental Websites For London Apartments

Here’s the list of the best renting websites for Properties in London, UK:

Tips and Tricks – Explore all options when Renting in London

  • Be realistic about your budget.
  • Make sure you are aware of your top areas.
  • Make sure to use only official businesses.
  • Maintain your focus on the pivot.
  • Be ready for the procedure to take at most several weeks.
  • Relax and create a calm environment.
  • Choose whether you wish to lease a house for a specified period.

Once you have a clear picture of the fundamental needs of your residence and you’ll have a better understanding of the London rental sites to choose from. After all, it would be your home, not just an apartment. 

How to Find Your Perfect Best Rental Websites for London Properties?

We understand that it is not only a property or apartment but the home you’re looking for. Therefore, in order to help you find the right place, we have assembled an extensive list of the 10 best websites to rent London apartments. If you want to rent a room in a safe and affordable rental property, it is best to find a place closest to your workplace.

The following aspects were taken into consideration when creating the list of the top rental websites:
  • Testimonials: Customers who have been with the company for a while are the best reviewers to share their experiences about the quality of service they offer. When choosing these websites, we analyzed customers’ feedback on each website to assemble the best out of all.
  • Duration of Service: Our top priority is saving your time, and therefore decided to give you the only service companies that have also done this. Renting can be an exhausting process, at times when you’re dealing with those who aren’t the right ones and the wrong people. Hence, it could take longer than you expected. To avoid the hassle, we have created the most efficient rental websites.
  • Assistant/Agent: The assistant plays a significant role in picking the right home. The sites offer an experienced and friendly assistant who can assist you throughout your rental process.
  • Reputability: Renting an apartment isn’t a simple task. Therefore, it is essential to have a reputable and reliable set of individuals to assist you through the process. In this list, we have selected only reliable, well-known websites with excellent customer feedback. 


Zoopla - List of the best room Rent in London,

Zoopla is one of the best renting websites in London that is geared toward providing customers with all the data they might require to make informed choices. In their advertising, they claim to be great supporters of clarity and efficacy. Zoopla’s staff members put everything on paper in lease agreements. Their website has a detailed chart that shows the descriptive rent of available properties across the UK. This is a one-stop shop for people who are looking for a room, apartment, or home for themselves.

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  • Reviews: Trustpilot- 3,344 Reviews & 3.5 Star Ratings


Rightmove - best websites for renting in London, Rent Property Websites

If you’re thinking of leasing or buying, Rightmove has your back. A vast property portal in the United Kingdom allows you to browse hundreds of homes and rooms until you find the best match. It lets you search properties on a map, view stations for trains or tube lines, and even draw your area of interest right in the window. The team is also able to assist users in figuring out their finances by offering advice and assistance on the perilous financial world that is mortgages. Visit the online website to choose available properties.

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  • Reviews: Trustpilot- 1,221 Reviews & 4.2 Star Ratings

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Gumtree- Best Rental Websites in London Property

Gumtree is the best website for London Apartments to buy and sell. Established by the city of London at the beginning of 2000 Gumtree boasts more than twenty years of experience helping its customers locate the most competitive prices on the rental market. Tenants can make their profiles and save their most-loved properties. The layout is clean and clear and allows users to contact landlords in the easiest way possible. Plus, the platform is available everywhere.

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  • Reviews: Trustpilot- 6,410 Reviews & 3.8 Star Ratings


SpareRoom- want to rent a place in London

SpareRoom allows you to locate not just the ideal place to stay but also the ideal flatmates. Searches can be filtered through commute duration, travel area as well as tube lines. Or, use you to let the “Where to Live Wizard” guide you through the search by the neighborhood characteristics you choose, Central or chilled? Historic or modern? With over 100k active property listings. The team claims there is a SpareRoom site where “every 3 minutes someone finds a flatmate”. 

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  • Reviews: Trustpilot- 839 Reviews & 4.6 Star Ratings


Roomgo- Best Rental Websites in London Property

ROOMGO is among the most reliable renting websites for finding an apartment to rent since it lets you connect directly with landlords as well as other tenants. It also provides numerous property listings, making it easier to find a room that is within your budget and requirements.

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  • Reviews: Trustpilot- 1,043 Reviews & 3.5 Star Ratings


Open Rent- want to monthly rent a place in London, best websites for london apartments

Find the London Rental Property in a few minutes. Open Rent is quickly becoming the most popular UK leasing agency, despite being established in 2012. It claims to be an open alternative to search renting apartments. This is something all London residents will surely be able to appreciate.

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  • Reviews: Trustpilot- 2,618 Reviews & 4.1 Star Ratings


Foxtons- Best Rental Websites in London Property

Foxtons is London’s biggest estate agent website, having 50 offices throughout the city. They provide high-quality listings with an innovative website that lets you look for homes near stations, schools, as well as other significant points of interest.

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  • Reviews: Trustpilot- 11,955 Reviews & 4.6 Star Ratings


Primelocation - One of 10 best house rent websites, best websites for renting in London

They are intended for renters and buyers with budgets that range from moderate to high. Prime Location is one of the most reputable renting websites that deal with a constant relationship with tenants and landlords in London. It’s an offshoot of Zoopla which means you can expect the same quality of service and coverage when you sign up for it. If you’re looking to concentrate on London’s top listings, it’s certainly one of the best websites to reach for a rental property in London.

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  • Reviews: Trustpilot- 87,754 Reviews & 4.2 Star Ratings

Find a Hood

Best Rental properties in rental market, best websites for london apartments

Find a Hood is the correct place to be if have a clear idea of what you’re looking to achieve (and the things you do not). In order to begin, users must rate on a scale of one to 10 the importance of twelve crucial factors about rentals ranging from occupation and crime rates and religion and answer a short survey. The platform will meet their requirements with the thousands of options in its database and present tenants with the most customized choices.

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  • Reviews: Trustpilot- 170,407 Reviews & 4.1 Star Ratings

Ideal Flatmate

Rental Market property website

Here at Ideal Flatmate, people firmly adhere to the premise of flat-sharing. The platform is designed to assist tenants to find the ideal properties and the most suitable people to share them through the network of private landlords and agents. The magic happens with an ingenuous Compatibility Quiz designed by the Ideal Flatmate team. We’re excited to test the test.

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  • Reviews: Trustpilot- 19 Reviews & 3.2 Star Ratings

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