Best Places to Live in Florida in 2023

How about a move to Florida? The Sunshine State is known by the residents of the Sunshine Coast, Florida is the second most populous state in America with an estimated 22 million residents.

Currently, there are three geographical districts: Panhandle, Upland, and Everglade. Located near the southern edge of America, this area provides employment and beautiful summer weather opportunities for residents. Florida has sunshine, Mickey Mouse, and over 600 miles of gorgeous beaches. The relaxed approach toward life helps each day feel happier.

List of Best Places to Live in Florida in 2023:

Florida offers so many things. It offers beautiful scenery, gorgeous seas and gorgeous beaches, and sun. It’s an amazing place for vacations. What is the most convenient way of living in Florida? It is difficult to answer because everybody will be able to choose their desired place. Often people prefer beaches, and others will enjoy suburbs or larger cities. It’s gonna give you a good summary of the best city in Florida.


Best Cities to live in Florida - Miami/best places to live in florida for young adults
  • Best Places 2022-2023 Rank: 137
  • Metro Population: 6,129,858
  • Median Home Price: $247,112
  • Average Annual Salary: $52,970
  • Affordability: 6/10
  • Safety: 6/10
  • Employment Markets: 5/11
  • Education: 6/10
  • Tourist Attractions: Biscayne National Park and Everglades.

Several people enjoy taking night walks along Tampa Riverside lined with museums, restaurants, parks, and shops. You may also take a day trip to nearby Caladesi Island or Honeymoon Island. This area of the Gulf Coast of Florida offers incredibly good living conditions for kids in Tampa bay area. A stroll around Fairchild Tropical Garden is worth the trip.

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Orlando - Central florida, best places to live in central florida
  • Metro Area Population: 2,508,970
  • Average Salary: $46,140
  • Median Home Price: $338,974
  • Minimum Monthly Wage: $1,210

Florida has some great places for business and leisure. Orlando’s world-class theme parks make for an exciting tourist destination present in central Florida that is amongst the best holiday destinations in America. Orlando is an extensive city center of central Florida that contains several theme parks.

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Best Place to Live in Florida - Tampa Bay
  • Metro Area Population: 3,097,859
  • Average Salary: $49,590
  • Median Home Price: $301,963
  • Minimum Monthly Wage: $1,115

Tampa bay night is gorgeous and evergreen. Several people enjoy taking night walks along Tampa Riverside lined with museums, restaurants, parks, and shops. You may also take a day trip to nearby Caladesi Island or Honeymoon Island. This area of the Gulf Coast of Florida offers incredibly good living conditions for kids in Tampa bay.

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Cape Coral

Best Places to Live in Florida - Cape Coral
  • Affordability: 6/10
  • The market for jobs: 8/10
  • Safety: 8/10
  • Wellness: 4/10

Cape Coral is the most secure town on the list. There is one drawback: these low crime rates have a cost of living: Cape Coral had the highest median sales price of the cities we’ve included on our list, with a price of $355,000 in November 2021, as per Redfin.

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Best Places to Live in Florida - Lakeland, best place to live in florida for young adults
  • Metro Area Population: 686,218
  • Average Salary: $43,150
  • Median Home Price: $237,710
  • Median Monthly Rent: $978
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 52

Lakeland- a land of water! Nearly 40 lakes make Lakeland a great place to relax and enjoy Florida’s beautiful weather. It is also near to major cities such as Tampa and Orlando. That’s right!

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Fort Myers

Best Places to Live in Florida - Fort Myers
  • Metro Area Population: 737,468
  • Average Salary: $45,300
  • Median Home Price: $277,900
  • Minimum Monthly Wage: $1,154

The Fort Myers region has experienced a major boom and the population was growing by 14.42% in 2013. The possibilities for finding a place to live exist. Moving To Florida Although median home prices are slightly above average at $185,100, there are still many choices for those looking for inexpensive or luxury housing. Sanibel Island and Captiva Island are the best spots to visit in Fort Myers.

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Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach
  • Affordability: 0/10
  • Safety: 0/10
  • Jobs: 8/10
  • Education: 7/10.
  • Major Tourist Attractions: The Daytona Beach.

Daytona has an iconic Daytona International Speedway hosting the NASCAR Daytona 500. Daytona Beaches attract visitors in the winter because of their excellent temperatures. Daytona is less expensive than nationally. Also, you could buy and build an apartment.

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most desirable places to live in florida
  • Metro Area Population: 488,246
  • Average Salary: $43,920
  • Median Home Price: $200,800
  • Minimum Monthly Wage: $1,015

Florida does not have much of Pensacola’s southern charms. Although it is close to the Alabama border, this beautiful city lies in Miami’s less recognizable Panhandle. Pensacola is simply Florida’s best city for living and offers an amazing vacation destination for a weekend or long holiday vacation to relax at pristine beaches.

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  • Population: 1503.574
  • Average Salary: $488270
  • Median Home Price: 303.879.
  • Affordability: 8/10
  • Safety: 5/10
  • Job Market: 8/10
  • Education: 7/10
  • Main tourist attractions: Amelia Island / Ponte Vedra / Hanna Park

A night stroll along San Marco streets is mesmerizing. It is a good option to visit the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens and view the performances at the Ritz Theater. Jacksonville lies south of the Georgia State border and is the country’s largest city.

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most desirable places to live in florida - capital of the world, best places to live in florida for black families
  • Population: 371 453
  • Average salary: $47 990
  • Average home value: $455.80.
  • Cost of living: 113.9(National average = 100).
  • Safe: 10/10.
  • Job market: 10/10.
  • School: 9/10.
  • Major tourist spots: Naples Pier, Mount Vudu.

Explore Santa Lucia’s streets, markets, and more. It’s an exciting place to explore the bakery, cafe, and nightlife. Naples lies just two hours drive from Tampa and Miami- Florida’s two main cities.

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most desirable places to live in florida - capital of the world
  • Population: 803.699.
  • Salary: 40,045.
  • Median house prices: 387,640.
  • Cost of Living: $110 (National average = 108).
  • Safe: 4/100.
  • Job market: 10/10.
  • Education: 10/10.

Several tourist attractions including the Ring Road. You’ve seen Siesta Key as the ultimate destination in a seaside town and is an idyllic paradise filled with beautiful weather and bioluminescent waters. Sarasota is an hour’s drive from Tampa to Orlando.

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Coral Gables

Population: 48,375

Coral Gables has a reputation for being an excellent retail destination and is just southwest of Miami. This is a wealthy city with a large number of international brands. Excellent weather and excellent natural attractions make Coral Gables the ideal area for residents. Coral Gables is a perfect place to raise children in a tranquil place.

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What to do in Florida when you’re bored?

The Florida area has many activities for travelers. Not every Florida home has many tourist attractions, but some excitement will be easily found within walking distance. Let’s list some interesting activities to do on vacation in Florida, based on the popular areas. Florida has something for everybody.

What are the places to raise a family in Florida?

Although all these sites offer benefits, some are more family-friendly as opposed to others. You need to take care of aspects such as education, fun activities for kids, and safety. These locations are often less popular compared to bigger cities such as Orlando or Miami. But the benefits for families are great because it is far from the tourist centers. The locations are generally higher in terms of the percentage of high school graduates and low housing costs and the number of families having kids.

What is the best activity to do in Florida?

Florida offers a welcoming atmosphere and offers many attractions to visitors. But people living in Sunshine State enjoy the most benefits of exciting activities so this must be considered before moving here. This is the best activity in Florida.

Everything outdoors in Florida is ideal for residents. The temperatures are warm year-round, making the area perfect for families that like outdoor adventures. Florida residents can save money by saving on some of Disney World’s famous attractions.

What is the cost of living in Florida and Texas?

The average cost of living is $43,615/year.  

Health Care: $6,675

Florida’s average cost of living is not even 1% lower than the national average. There is still a large range of costs in Florida. Some cities are 8% to 18% more expensive than the average U.S. town.

Is it cheaper to live in Texas or Florida?

Both Texas and Florida are the best cities to live in the United States, with their fantastic weather and zero personal income taxes. However, Florida is 11% less expensive than Texas according to the study. You need to make an average of $47,462 to afford a comfortable stay in Texas. In Florida, however, the average earnings are $52,675.

Although Texas is more expensive than Florida, I have no regrets about moving to Florida. Florida is located in the southern-Eastern US. I love Florida’s topography and the tropical climate. Florida has many affordable places to live, which lowers the expenses.

Where is Florida’s Best Place to Live?

Based on economic cost and crime rate, Cooper City, Weston and Sebastian are the safest places to live in Florida. These places are safe and happy no matter what age you are, whether you’re single or retired.

Final Thought

Florida is the ideal retirement destination for many, especially if you are used to living in cold northern winters. There are many places that are suitable for families with young children. This city offers a great quality of life to people of all generations.

Sunshine State is a great place to live, as it’s always sunny. However, not all Florida areas are great places to live. Make sure you do your research before you make a decision.

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