15 Best Beaches in Florida for Families

Florida is a really interesting state! Not only are there lots of wonderful attractions to enjoy but it also has beautiful National Parks and amazing cities, and many of Florida’s most stunning beaches that you should never miss.

Best Beaches in Florida, beach state park

Over the years our family has visited Florida numerous times. From pristine islands in Florida Key to seafront atmospheres in Pensacola or Clearwater. Florida is an enviable part of Florida for all kinds of travelers. I was just looking for a place where you could visit a few beautiful beaches in Florida. Here are some of the best beaches in Florida.

Top Florida Beaches for Families

Our research has been independently published, although some of its content may get paid for buying from the links. With over 1200 miles of unprotected beauty on its unspoiled coastline, Florida’s beaches are one of the best in the globe.

White powder sand, turquoise water with charming beaches – Sunshine State offers an excellent combination of year-round experiences. Besides having endless beaches, this is ideal for holiday lovers who need to have some fun under the sea. Can we find the ideal beach in Florida with a lot of beaches? Let’s find out!

Siesta Key

Siesta Key West: beach park

Siesta Key features an impressive assortment of beach stretches that flow in one. It is positioned just beyond Sarasota and is a destination of beaches where residents and visitors have stayed for centuries.

Select a beach on Siesta Key to have an aquatic experience. The biggest of the beaches is Siesta Key Beach. Here is an exciting scene near the main park and parking area; further north beach it’s wide and calmer.

Its sand is white and soft with a powdery texture. Besides being unique, the beaches have been established along Florida’s western coast.

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Marco Island

Marco Island State Park

Marco Island is home to some of the most stunning beaches. It also has world-class golf courses close by eating and shopping in Marco Island and in nearby Naples and the world-renowned Everglades National Park adjacent, and direct access to the Gulf of Mexico and the mangrove-lined estuaries in the Ten Thousand Islands for shelling fishing boats or bird watching kayaking, canoeing, and kayaking.

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Palm Beach

Palm beaches in florida : beach park near miami beach

Palm Beach is a secluded island. Palm Beach is home to iconic resorts, luxurious mansions, and historical landmarks, which include Henry Flagler’s original home and the Flagler Museum.

Filled with majestic palms, the great shopping paradise that is Worth Avenue is well-known throughout the world.

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Delray Beach

Delray Beaches in Florida

It is the perfect location to take a break between sleeping and swimming in the ocean and watching the people. With a vast expanse of sandy beach that is lined with palm trees and grass, there’s plenty of room to unwind.

If you’re in need of an escape from the heat peruse the shops along Atlantic Coast or take in the public art and murals within the Pineapple Grove Arts District.

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Santa Rosa Beach

Santa Rosa Beaches in Florida

The beach is situated on a 26-mile stretch of Northwest Florida’s famous Emerald Coast, Santa Rosa Beach is one of the sixteen distinct beach towns located in South Walton County, each with its own distinct tradition, charm, and style of living.

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Destin Beach

Destin: Best Beaches in Florida

Destin is an attractive beach city that offers a boardwalk, waterfront restaurant, and a nice vibe, and for a better experience, many beautiful beaches have been established nearby. A broad stretch of sand stretches east coast and west outside the parks providing uninterrupted beaches walking. The blue-green waters lining this area are crystal clear and shallow, which makes them ideal for families with young children and those with little experience in the sea.

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Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island State Park Beach Florida

Sanibel Island is a beautiful island just a short distance away from Fort Myers, California. 15 miles of the most beautiful beaches are within reach. Tourists may be left alone at the beach while other vacation families can stay in the area. You’ll see that everyone is on top of each other. They engage in the main island activities namely collecting shells. There are 250 different shell varieties here. They are very large and so beautiful they can’t keep going.

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Fort Myers

Fort Myers Beach Florida

Fort Myers Beach is home to numerous good resorts that are very popular with couples and families and is known for being a great place to watch dolphins. The sandy shoreline extends over miles and is the most popular area near the Pier, in which the beach-goers sit under umbrellas or play volleyball. Atop the beach, there are casual eateries.

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George Island

George Island State Park- Gulf of Mexico

St. George Island is accessed via an enviable causeway and bridge and is an uncharted gem in the Florida panhandle. This large stretch of white-sand beaches provides an amazing area to enjoy sunbathing and swimming and is also miles of pristine beaches to shell and surf.

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Cocoa Beach

cocoa beach: best beaches in florida (Florida Beaches)

Its famous waves are also well known for their winds. The area attracts those wanting good winds, surfing, or parasailing. If the wind is outside north or northwest take your kiteboard and paddleboard to 520 Slick (formerly known as Bicentennial Memorial Park), which is known as an ideal flat water riding site.

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Clearwater Beach

clearwater beach: Florida Beaches (best beaches in florida)

Clearwater Beach has one of Florida’s best beaches on the West Coast. These vast strips of soft sand are ideal for walking or parking your boat on the beach. A trip to this place is a good alternative to the city rush that surrounds Tampa. Swim, play swimming, sail parasailing and even walk up and down to Pier 60 and watch the fish caught by the ever-patient fishers.

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Fort Walton Beach

Fort Walton Beach: Best Beaches in Florida

Fort Walton Beach boasts all the excitement of other major tourist destinations, but without the hassle. It is located between Pensacola and Panama City along North Florida’s dazzling Gulf Coast, Fort Walton Beach is a must-see destination for visitors to the white sandy beaches that sparkle with powder with emerald water, fun golf courses, and much more.

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Islamorada: Florida Beaches (best beaches in florida)

Courtesy Misterbike / Fotolia.com. As soon as you visit the Islamorada Islands of Florida, you should probably spend most of your day in the sea or underwater. Fishing provides tourists with great employment opportunities. Islamorada is known for being the world’s biggest sport fishing city. You can go sailing, snorkeling, diving, parasailing, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing boats, or feeding enormous silver tarpons. Hemingway did the same and Grey also did Zane Grey. You’ll enjoy it.

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Amelia Island

Amelia Island: Florida Beaches (best beaches in florida)

Amelia Island is a Florida beach with a Southern accent. Hence, considered a south beach. It is a timeless getaway known for beautiful nature and tranquil beaches, it has the best golf courses, spas, and eateries, as well as an extensive heritage. There’s something for everyone, whether it’s a holiday with the family or a romantic getaway, a relaxing riding experience, or a kayaking excursion.

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best beaches in florida

St. Petersburg, FL

St. Petersburg, FL: best beaches in florida

Alongside beautiful beaches that have been awarded awards, St. Petersburg is famous for its Salvador Dali Museum as well as top-rated restaurants and stunning Fort De Soto Park. The lakeside getaway is the perfect getaway for families with a myriad of activities to enjoy!

The stunning brand-new 26-acre St. Pete Pier is a perfect blend of the serene aquamarine seas in Tampa Bay with the vibrant greenery of Saint. Petersburg’s parks, make the perfect place to walk and cycle and dine, drink and shop, swim and enjoy a show, and much more.

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More Beaches to Visit in Florida

Do not miss the chance to visit some other best beaches in Florida such as Fort Lauderdale Beach, South Beach, Pensacola Beach, Beach Park, Grayton Beach State Park, Panama City Beach, Island State Park, Bahia Honda, Bowman’s Beach, etc. and enjoy various water activities like jet skiing, fishing pier, scuba diving, laid back on white sand, walking on nature trails, and enjoy sunsets. The wildlife and birds thriving here include green sea turtles, which can be found digging nests in the sand.


Which is the Prettiest Beach in Florida for Families?

There are fourteen good beaches in Florida. Delray Beach in Florida, Lummus beach, Miami Beach, Lowdermilk Park, Naples, Siesta beaches, and Siesta Key are the beach of Florida. Clearwater beaches, Clearwater, Crandon Beach, Key Biscayne, North Beach, Bowman’s beach, Bahia Honda, Barrier Island, Key West, Pensacola Beach, Panama City Beach, South Beach, Fort Lauderdale Beach, Deerfield Beach.

What is the Number 1 Beach in Florida?

Siesta Key beach is one of the well-known beaches to tourists and locals for its sugar-white quartz sand beaches and its Gulf Coast beaches. This sand was selected in 2015 as number 1 overall in the Trip Advisor’s Best Beach category. So spend the day on this amazing beach in Florida.

Which side of Florida has the Best Beaches?

Those looking for a relaxed ocean experience will love the Florida Sea and the white sandy beaches with consistent calm conditions. The Gulf Coast of Florida, specifically the Sun-coast has some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida, with its white sand beaches, and crystal-blue water.

What is the Clearest Water on Florida Beaches?

Dry Tortugas National Park is a park covering an area of 100 miles that contains seven small islands. The water is Florida’s most clean water with white and soft sand. This is the only tropical reef in the US and the third-most important reef in the world.

Which Beach is Florida’s Whitest?

White Sand Beach. This is the ideal example of a Florida white sand beach, also known as Siesta Beach. Siesta Key Beach has won numerous awards for its white sand. It has been rated the best in the world.

What is the Largest Florida State Park?

Fakahatchee Strand Preserve is the biggest State Park in Florida and home to numerous animal and plant species that are not found anywhere else on the mainland U.S.

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